How To Pose For Photos! 5 Easy INSTAGRAM Pose Ideas

Today I am teaching you 6 easy photo pose ideas for instagram, so you never freeze up in front of the camera!
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I used to hate taking photos in general, I was insecure with the way I looked and would always freeze up in front of a camera! I realized that taking photos was an often occurrence in our world and I might as well embrace it rather than look awkward. In todays video I’m teaching you 6 easy pose ideas for instagram, with the help of my friend Emma! These are some tips so that when you step in front of the camera, you don’t freeze and ‘not know what to do with your hands’

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29 Replies to “How To Pose For Photos! 5 Easy INSTAGRAM Pose Ideas”

  1. Mereyah

    I'm literally crying and so happy y'all did a collab together! I recently visited seattle and found Emma's blog doing research for the trip. Monica I've been following u for years. My whole day is made with this!

  2. Darya Kuleshova

    "and just be confident, cause you look awesome, okay?" I love you Monica. Thanks for another great video.

  3. Lorena Rodriguez

    Loved the video and how real you were and even a little awkward haha it is so relatable! Great tips✨

  4. Nicole Barlaan

    Even if you don't nail it, these are still good poses to try out when you're taking those insta photos haha. Great video!

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