Van Life – Tour of a 1990 Westfalia Vanagon Camper Van

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– In this video, we take a tour of a 1990 Westfalia Vanagon Campervan with Jason and Amélie, a couple of Canadian weekend warriors who use the camper van as an adventure-mobile that takes them on incredible mountain biking and surfing trips with their dog Jazz.

They’re also contributors to the Go-Van project, which you can check out here:

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36 Replies to “Van Life – Tour of a 1990 Westfalia Vanagon Camper Van”

  1. E Family

    New subbie here…..I know I am going to LOVE watching your vids! I really appreciate finding people who have the courage to live life "outside the box"…..can't wait to see your adventures! Thanks for sharing! ~*~

  2. Brandon Marshall

    This channel is awesome. I am slowing working my way through all of them. My wife rolls her eyes every time I say, "Babe we could totally do this." I know all she is thinking about where are we going to put to young children and all of my stuff. LOL, she is teaching me to throw things away. Once the garage is cleaned out I am sure she will be more inclined to listen.

  3. Ed Hatfield

    Really nice van, i guess the pop top makes it much more comfortable. I wonder how you could make it warmer for sleeping in so you don't have to make up the bottom bed everynight

  4. chaserGB

    I live in hawaii and am thinking of buying a westfalia to live in. I'm watching all the videos I can to learn about this life. It would be urban living cuz I am on Oahu and work in Honolulu. But I'm still really wanting to go for it. I can shower at work, or the gym. Keep my lunch and breakfast at work. I'll buy a storage unit for my extra stuff. Also rent a parking spot monthly in Waikiki for whenever I want to go there. After all that I only need to figure out my routine and how to store dirty laundry without it stinking.


    How are These red blue and White and green flags with some kind of spells called wich are hanging inside the van? See them very often in Vans. Cheers…

  6. Pantysnifer. Lee

    As a Retired O.T.R. Trucker and living out of a suit case for 25 yrs. I can relate to the Fascination of living in a van. I've lived in my semi for such a long time I do miss it. I hope to do it again this time in a van so I can visit all the other places I couldn't because I was in my 18 wheeler.

  7. Morghan Phoenix

    If it weren't for the lack of a bathroom that size would be all I need.

    After having lived out of a vehicle before and using the shower at the YMCA and the bathroom at the coffee shop where I'd spend the evening, I'll never buy a van that doesn't include its own shower and toilet.

    I don't need a lot of space, but I do need my own bathroom, though the older I get the more likely I am to accept a wet bath rather than demanding a dry bath.

  8. Bostonclassics1

    Great video. I own a 1988 version, and it requires a lot of maintenance. Perhaps a future video will highlight maintenance. It's worth owning one.

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