Amazing Batu Caves // Malaysia

I absolutely loved the Batu Caves! For me, it felt very different from other tourist places that I have explored. I explain why in the video. 🙂

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27 Replies to “Amazing Batu Caves // Malaysia”

  1. Puru Date

    Greetings ! Travellight. You began your commentary saying that was your last day out of 3 days tour. Which places did you visit on first two days? I will be KL for 1.5 days.Hence, I am keenly interested to know

  2. Saatchi Saatchi

    Sorry girl, i was so entranced by your large beautiful eyes that i didn't hear a word of what you said nor see anything else in your video….

  3. Heart breaker

    She did not mention the tour inside the cave! Maybe because she didn't get inside because it costs 35 MR / person.. it's called the dark cave because it's pitch black inside.. you can't even see your own hands without flashlights.. it's AMAZING!!! It's waaaay better than the stupid hindu temple.. I highly recommend to go inside the cave if you're visiting Batu Caves.. Believe me, it's worth the money.. 👍❤

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