What to do in CALIFORNIA | Joshua Tree! In this California travel guide these are my top things to do in California while on a road trip to Joshua Tree National Park

Huge thanks to Visit California and Mighway for partnering with me on this travel series! Plan your own California road trip here!  

Places visited in this video: Temecula Valley, Palm Springs, Greater Palm Springs

Hotels we stayed at on this trip:
South Coast Winery Resort & Spa, Pechanga Resort & Casino RV Resort, The Saguaro Palm Springs, Shadow Hills RV Resort

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018
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40 Replies to “California Road Trip TRAVEL GUIDE | JOSHUA TREE”

  1. Erik Conover

    Happy Sunday! This is the FINAL episode of the California road trip series! We go from Temecula to Joshua Tree, which is hands down one of my new top travel destinations. Comment if you have ever been! As for the next few weeks I am home in New York City until the end of 2019. Next weeks video is a look at what kind of apartment $7,500 / month gets you in Manhattan!


    SORRY Erick I only AGREE with you on Highway 1 and JOSHUA tree n.p. as a MUST see in CALIFORNIA. California has BETTER and MORE beatiful places than what you showed on your 3 part video

  3. Deepanjan Bhattacharjee

    Another Great Video Eric absolutely loved it!!. It's saddening to see the same state being ravaged by such WildFires..Praying for the souls who lost their lives to the fires. Wishes U have a Healthy, Happy and Life filled with Love. U really inspire me to travel the World ..Me being an Engineer get too little time to explore will surely make it point to do the same. Cheers Eric. Waiting to see New Vlogs

  4. Kimberly Cross

    Erick I swear your content just gets better and better. As an inspiring creator watching how you’ve progressed is seriously so freaking motivational!!! Keep it up!!!!

  5. Kimberly Cross

    Erik I swear your content just gets better and better. As an inspiring creator watching how you’ve progressed is seriously so freaking motivational!!! Keep it up!!!!

  6. Canon

    I moved from CA this year to Indiana to take care of family and this series really makes me miss it so much. I've done all the things you did and loved them all. Odd you didn't hit Yosemite though. It's glorious. California is the most gorgeous state of all.

  7. Why Zed

    can you please take me with you on one of these travel videos? I't like to go to the US, 'cause I've never been there and it would be cool to go there with someone that has experience and is as calm as you. 😉

  8. Moniec, Milo & Miles Hayden

    Awesome!! You came to Joshua Tree! You can get really cool photo's and B-roll out here. You come a long way since you started your channel in NY. 💪👊👊

    Hi guys! We love watching your channel. Been watching for a few years. We want to start our travel channel, but it's more Hollywood stuff, we're actor's. If you can check out our channel any advice and or anyone Subscribe to our channel we will sub back!! Need help to get to a 1000 Subscribers 😆😆😆 Commandment in ours if you do. 😁😁😁😎😎.

    Follow him if you're not already. He is transparent great real advice and cool travel YouTuber!

  9. Travelingczar

    Thanks for the cool video. I was there in Joshua Tree 3 weeks ago, been there many times cuz I got this green color decal for unlimited entry to any National Parks. I went off-roading. It was crowded so I camped at the BLM land outside the park.

  10. Chief Rabbit Foot

    Hey Erik I am curious what kind of coffee do you drink? and what do you put in your coffee? lol btw I love watching your videos!

  11. Marisol Ugalde

    i live in temecula and seeing it having a little feature was great 🙂 also south coast winery is just 10 mins from my house and driving by it everyday and everything around it on the way to school is awesome. loved this series and i learned a lot 🙂 hopefully i get to try all of this soon

  12. Ashley East

    Lol I'm so tired of seeing videos of people touring joshua tree and the surrounding area and not mentioning the scary or bad parts.
    Yeah the desert is beautiful and that's literally the only thing I miss about living in that horrid place.
    A good video would also mention that there are not ANY places in the park to fuel up or to get water. Many people underestimate the desert and MANY people die out there every year. Especially in the summer months when it gets to be over 100°s. You HAVE to stay on paths. The two biggest reasons why people die there so often is because they didnt bring enough water or they go off path and get hurt. There are a few body dumps every year (when they can be found). You also have to watch out for cougars, coyotes, rattlesnakes, scorpions, centipedes, black widows, etc… And I really want a video that mentions to watch out for tortises and to teach how to interact with them. Like the proper ways to pick them up. If you do it wrong they could lose their water and end up dying.
    Also the towns are the worst part about the area. They are FILLED with tweakers. What makes up the town is tourists, tweakers, illegals, military, and the retired. Not many normal people. Occasionally someone famous will be spotted in town.
    I as a local born and raised, do NOT reccommend going out and about at night. I think one particular story that happened about a year and half ago will explain why.
    There is a fast food mexican resturant in old town called Castenadas that was 24 hr. Idk if they still are or not. They had only one person working and a pair of illegals came in robbed the place and then shot the man in the face. They weren't content with just robbing him. As far as I know they werent caught.
    Also I know many girls there that have been raped. Most were in middle school.

    Look. I mean this mainly as a warning for everyone that watched this video and is like oh my god this place is cool I gotta go there. Do deep research before going somewhere like this place.

    If anyone has any questions about the area I will gladly answer 😁

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