Come join our adventures as we explore Colombia! Palomino is a beach town on the coast and it’s a common area along the backpacker route in Colombia.

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31 Replies to “BUDGET BACKPACKER GUIDE TO COLOMBIA COAST :: Palomino + El Rio Hostel Party”

  1. Legend of Awww Sheeet

    Sup ma so im planning a trip to Bogota by myself to have a dope vacation but im wondering how do i link up with some trustworthy tour guides that soeak english and spanish and how do i exchange my money into pesos, also thanks for the dope videos and tips keep em up especially if you go to panama

  2. loony dan

    Great vid again Steve! Huge thanks for taking the time to make these vids, I really appreciate the effort 🙂 (but make more, I need more!) Haha

  3. Gabriel Traveler

    I ended up in Colombia because I randomly found a flight from San Francisco to Bogota for just $109. Good ol' skyscanner. So yeah just find something cheap going somewhere, book it and go. Peace!

  4. Claudia Barajas G.

    Ey Steve, it's maybe Papaya juice, which is sweet and we usually drink it for breakfast, specially in the coast. Good vibes!

  5. Camilo Andrés Rodríguez Villegas

    Hey! Please come to Barranquilla and Cartagena, maybe Santa Marta too. They're good cities to visit. You always updated us with your videos.

  6. Travelwithchris

    El Rio hostel was so much fun!!! Man looks like you got hit with that Palomino storm also! Loved that small beach town though, for some reason it reminded me of the town of Pai in Thailand!

  7. Tim Mit

    These travel videos are fucking amazing, you deserve more subscribers and that will come in time.. keep it up.

  8. The Life Of Reilly

    I have been watching your videos since you had about 500 subscribers Steve, your energy and nature is infectious. I have travelled before and now want to do it all over again after watching your videos, very inspiring. Best wishes from Ireland

  9. Yuliana R

    Steve, most beautiful for Colombians is see how you're enjoying and knowing each place! I've watched everyone of your videos about my country and I haven't visited my country so much like you hahahah :'c you must visit the Llanos Orientales!

  10. locust

    Hey dude we hung out at El Rio you were gonna make a music video for me. Crazy i stumbled across you randomly what are the odds!!!

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