My Weekly At Home Facial!

Todays video is a weekly facial routine that I believe has really been helping my skin.

Products Used:
Cleanser-Proactiv Solutions 1

**COUPON CODE: tesschristine123

Face Masks-
Indian Healing Clay (amazon)
Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask (ulta)
Freeman Clay and Oatmeal Mask (ulta)

Moisturizer-Cetaphile Daily Lotion

Zinn Beauty Moroccan Argan Oil

I know my skin isn’t perfect but I have seen such a significant difference in it that I think a lot of you could potentially benefit from as well.

**I used the PMD because I have oily skin. You are more than welcome to use an exfoliator that can be purchased at a drugstore. An exfoliator is to remove the dead/dry top layer of skin and clean the underlying pores. It all depends how deep you want to clean your skin. For a more intense facial, I would definitely recommend the PMD.

Thank you all SO incredibly much for watching! I love you all!



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FTC: I purchased everything myself except the PMD, it was given to me to test out for all of you!


40 Replies to “My Weekly At Home Facial!”

  1. DSGIRL55

    Hey Tess do you think the citephel lotion is good for all skin types
    like oily/acne pron skin?
    i'm using this one from the same brand but for oily/acne prone skin
    I love it, but how do you like that one?

  2. Emma Loudermill

    I just came across your videos on Pinterest and started to watch your videos and I was kind of excited when I found out you go to school in Minnesota cause that's where I live!

  3. hotpnkchick14

    I own the mask that you used, but because of all the fragrance in the formula it burns my eyes whenever I wear it. I try to avoid putting it to close to my eyes, but it kind of wafts up into my eyes no matter where I put it on my face.

  4. tina lina

    I'd love for a hair tutorial of Jade of Little Mix back in the X-factor days. The hairstyle when she had super extremely curly hair. I guess now that I think about it a bit like Leigh's in the video but not as much. Hope you get a chance to see this 🙂

  5. Lexie Ferriero

    The Freeman mask I found at walgreens for 4 dollars! I use that 2 times a week(: it's great i recommend it to people that want a not to light but not to strong facial(:

  6. tina lina

    I hope that for the outfit video for "Wings" you're able to do like the full thing, just like you're doing for the pll girls! 🙂

  7. Annie Petch

    I have the exact same oatmeal and avocado face mask and I love it so much!! The only problem is that it's running out and I can't remember where to purchase it! Where did you get it!?!?

  8. Hana Jeetun

    Tess, you could do this more than once a week? How about 2 times? My skin tends to get quite clogged up and doesnt give out a radiant glow. However, after I do this, it glows for 2-3 days. Would you recommend doing it twice a week?

  9. Rita

    the device itself doesn't scare me but i'm almost positive i'll run it through the same spot on my skin a few times and that… that scares me.

  10. Frederikke Prehn

    This video is amazing! It really gived me a lot of help, so thanks! Ü
    by the way; I think you're very beautiful 🙂

  11. Yuyu1898

    u know they say that when you put lotion on ur neck you should put it on upwards motion because downward motion actually makes you get more wrinkles on your neck than diminishing them.

  12. valerie poe

    you should also use queen helene mint julep mask.. it got rid of my acne marks and cleaned deep down the pores.. and i got less breakouts when used once a week

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