Tour of Portland’s Tiny House Hotel + Book Giveaway {closed}

We went to Portland, OR last weekend to check out the city for the first time and just happened to be there on the same weekend as the Tiny House Conference. The conference tickets were too expensive for us but we did get the chance to tour the Caravan Tiny House Hotel and meet Dee Williams, author of The Big Tiny: A Built-It-Myself Memoir.

Check out some of the tiny houses we saw (we did our best even though the houses were packed!) and enter to win our signed copy of The Big Tiny book (when we’re done reading it haha!).

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling us how you’re simplifying your life. The deadline to enter is April 30, 2015 and we’ll announce the winner on May 5, 2015. We will respond to the winner’s comment to let them know they’ve won, and we’ll also announce it on the Exploring Alternatives Facebook page.

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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38 Replies to “Tour of Portland’s Tiny House Hotel + Book Giveaway {closed}”

  1. jane hardman

    I am simplifying my life by getting rid of things I don't use or that I don't love. My house is so much emptier now and I couldn't be happier! Love this video and tiny houses.

  2. Will Gayer

    We kind of started simplifying out of necessity but are finding it so liberating we plan to continue.  We've been reducing everything – clothes, furniture, etc. and been working on digitizing what we are able (old photos, paperwork where possible, etc.).  We hope to get to a tiny house someday but it may take a while.

  3. Heather Snapp

    Love your channel! I've been going through the initial phases of purging and minimizing and it feels GREAT! Plan to continue paring down unnecessary items until I achieve the light and airy home I'm going for. You guys are too cool! Best of luck to you both. 🙂

  4. Dean's of Nomadica

    We sold our house and used our money to buy a 1962 GM4106 former Greyhound converted to motor home. Our home is paid for in full. We went from 9 payable accounts monthly, down to one account, our phone's. We do stay sometimes at campgrounds so we have cost associated with that. The peace of mind in being debt free has changed our stress level from off the charts to not being on the stress chart. Nice video. I'm curious to know if they mentioned how much those units weigh when completed. Thank you.

  5. Jackie Hoang

    I'm simplifying my life by using multi-functional items/tools/hygiene products/everything I can! Thanks for all you do. Truly inspiring.

  6. Alicia Egan

    Hi +Exploring Alternatives ! I've been simplifying my life by taking carloads of clothing to Goodwill. I've also been listing furniture on Craig's List recently. A work in progress! Love your vlogs!

  7. Alice Boydell

    I am completely new to this whole idea of having less stuff and simplifying my life! But I am so excited to get started! I have been doing project 33 (33 items of clothing for 3 months) and thinking of money as time to reduce the amount of things that I buy (which is working!!) at the end of my uni year I am going to be having a massive clear out of stuff I havnt used all year, and really look at all that I own!! Love the vids they are completely inspiring and I cannot wait to start living like this fully!

  8. Sherri Mewborn

    Thanks for sharing the video.  I'm intrigued by Tiny Houses and am reading the Dee Williams book now.  Love your channel.

  9. Dear Mr. Vantasy

    Thanks for the tour, I'm hoping to make it out to OR in my new van! I just purchased my '97 Ford Turtle Top Campervan yesterday and I'm sooo excited! I'm a subscriber and your videos have been inspiring and super helpful as I transition to life on the road. One big way that I'm simplifying my life is by thinning out my wardrobe! You're video for women was super inspiring and I have 50% less clothes already! Thanks so much!

  10. presstorelease

    I've been minimizing my possessions by donating, recycling, and throwing out things I no longer need, love, or use.

  11. tongresa77

    I'm simplifying my life by by finishing my own tiny house. I am also donating, recyling, and giving away most of my possessions. Last, I really liked the countertop in Rosebud, and the roofpitch and floors in Rolypoly. Thanks!

  12. Fay Gartland

    I live in England and the Tiny house movement is for the best part unknown here. After subscribing to your channel and researching more on line ….my whole outlook on life and consumerism has changed. Im currently in the process of going through my "stuff" as I now view things as and its so uplifting just to downsize and be able to breathe. After having my child I would be back at work within months…now I realise that I dont need that wage and I'm being a mum for the first time rather than just this fast paced lifestyle that made me have no time for my family. Now our family aim is to move next year (this year if the house sells) and get some land to build our own tiny house and hopefully make some for others to enjoy. Thank you and good luck to the lucky winner of the book x

  13. Lisa Harris

    We moved our family of five in with my in laws to break away from our debt. We sold most of our stuff. When my kids are grown I would like to own a tiny house. I would love to read the book

  14. Wanderlust Vanlife

    Really cool that you found this in your ways guys! We love tiny houses, they are so cute! Good video 😉 Hope to meet you soon!!!

  15. That Crazy Catholic Mom

    How awesome. We are working on what I call, large family minimalism. We have 5 kids so far and are drastically downsizing our stuff. It's a time consuming task with homeschooling, homemaking and just life. But we know it will be worth it. The time and energy we will gain is going to be awesome. I love ya'lls videos. Before I got married I traveled the country living out of a bag for 2 years doing youth ministry. Such a good time.

  16. Michael Romo

    Book entry: Hi I've really been enjoying your videos and think you guys are doing a great thing by setting a solid example for others. As for my wife, kids and I, we have been simplifying life for ourselves for some time now. But most recently we have been re-thinking how we utilize our space in our two bedroom apartment, making it more open and functional for our family as opposed to just getting a three bedroom place.

  17. One Girl One Suitcase (Maria Storgaard)

    Ah I want that book, but shouldn't win.. shipping would probably be more than the book. I'll buy the kindle version. Currently simpifying my mind with mindfulnes… everything else is pretty much gone:)

  18. Kimber D

    We are very new to this but have found your channel to be very helpful so far. And entertaining, very entertaining. :o)

  19. Sasha Grey

    Just a quick comment on your videos.
    Really appreciate your articulate and  informative information on possible alternative lifestyles. Its such a joy to see, given the state of MANY off grid living videos on youtube.

    I also like your quirkiness and not taking your self's to seriously attitude. Again VERY refreshing. You both seem like good people and will be tuning in for more.

    Was great to hear you "House Sat" in Aust. and am hoping Sydney did not put you off all Australians Then again, you were by the beach which is always a good thing! and worth putting up with us! (Australians)

    Keep up the good work and look forward to some more information/ideas and quality content
    PS. I have never met a Canadian I did not like ;P so I feel at home here
    best wishes for upcoming events/journeys/or just re-living previous experiences that you might share

  20. Exploring Alternatives

    Thank you to everyone who commented – it was super inspiring to read your stories!  You're all doing amazing things and we want to give everyone the book!  We've only got one copy though, so you'll have to share!  

    That's actually one of the reasons why we picked +Vegan VanGo as the winner – we love that they are simplifying their lives, but also that they donated their books to the library to be shared with everyone.  We need more sharing in this world!

    Congratulations +Vegan VanGo!  We'll send you The Big Tiny by Dee Williams as soon as we have your mailing address.  Please send it via email to:

  21. Sherry Woyczik

    We have been down sizing for the past couple of months. I am finding it is harder for my husband to let of things than it is for me!  I think that is pretty funny.   We worked all weekend sorting, throwing and getting ready for a garage sale.  What does not sell, we will have a "free" day and what is left is going to Goodwill, NOT back in my house!

  22. twn5858

    This business owner is a good entrepreneur. For just having three RVs in a bad location they sure are getting a lot of business! Is this a "cool" new trend for hipsters or something?

  23. Sunny on the Road

    I was there too! Sadly I do not make a cameo appearance in your video 😉 I am travelling in a camper around Europe, the trip is planned for 7 months, but who knows, maybe I will just keep on rollin´ like you guys 🙂

  24. Ciecie Newson

    Some of these places like the rollypolly seem only practical for a one or two night stay and not for living in. I think if a person had to stay a full winter in a unit that tiny would go mad unless they were actually doing their living outside and went there just to make a meal and sleep.  It feels like at some point tiny home living becomes a mockery of the point of living small if it becomes ridiculously cramped.  Smile!

  25. Tiny Nest

    Hey that's us! @1:10
    We were there that day taking some of our own footage. We just published two videos from it (finally got around to editing it), including an interview with Kol (the owner) if you're interested in what he had to say about starting the hotel 😉


  26. Rita Nooney

    I would be forever grateful to get a copy of that book. I am looking into tiny living, I need land and to sell my house. I'm close to retirement and need all the help I can get! please!!

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