Budapest Travel Guide

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We’re back with our Budapest Travel Guide! This city is rammed full of character and stories, it was tough to fit them all into our first Hungary episode.

Budapest has a fascinating history, as we discovered from our surprise guest, but is also rich with food, art, and architecture all of which make Budapest one of the most exciting places in Europe.

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Thanks to our friends at the Corinthia Hotel Budapest for helping us bring our Budapest Travel Guide to you.

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23 Replies to “Budapest Travel Guide”

  1. HUNdAntae

    My City!!! The Queen of the Danube!
    About tipping: because Forints have no petty change(like cents and pence), prices go easyly into the 1000s and 10000s, therefore you may carry around 10000 and 20000 bills, so you most likely WILL want some change back.
    Example: you treat the missus for a dinner that comes up around 23000(64quid), just say "give me change from 25" if you don't say anything, they will bring you ALL the change. Beware! In the east we dont say sorry and thank you for no reason. If you hand over a big bill, saying "Thank you" they will think you are feeling generous, and pocket the money with a big smile.
    "Thank you" means the transaction is closed, so don't get upset, but consider the different culture.
    Happy travelling, and enjoy the city!

  2. Manu Bee

    Budapest <3
    One of the most beautiful cities in Europe! Maybe the best one along with Haarlem in The Netherlands.
    It's so beautiful, tons of things you can visit or do, relatively cheap, not overrated as Prague, definitely the best place to live!
    Greetz from Italy

  3. Márk Major

    Great vid!
    One tiny thing, please try to call it BudapeSHt!  (i mean with a hard S like Shine or Sheet)  Becouse pest doesnt sound so apealing 😀  (and that is how it shoud be pronounced)

  4. Anubis G

    To every English speaker: Please make an effort to pronounce Budapest as it is supposed to be said. It's very easy. Read it like this: BudapeSHt. It's not an "s" sound but an "sh" sound. For us "s" is "sz" and Budapest is not written as Budapeszt, but Budapest. So if you see an "s" in a Hungarian word, read it like "sh". Thank you! 🙂

  5. Sterian Burghelea

    Hey, stop denying it. The world knows that Hungarians are not from Europe. Who do you think you are fooling?

  6. 1hard2findbro

    Time for an Attaché family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 travel series. Enough of the lonely guy adventures 🌎 🏃

  7. Dee Man

    Loved Tibor, and I apologize in advance for misspelling his name. I have my fingers crossed for travelling to Budapest next summer, and I would love to stay at the Corinthia. Definitely added to my bucket list, thanks!

  8. kyramioso29

    Thank you for this informative, well-produced travel guide! I'm leaving for Budapest in one week for my first visit and I'm SO excited to go, but now I feel prepared to go too. Thanks!

  9. JOE F

    Very informative & comprehensive. Much better from those chicks with their teasing videos giving unarranged and narrow information. I only miss a written dubbing, even made by a computer since I am not an English speaker. Thank u !

  10. Attila Armos

    Could have done a bit more editing on the food guy. Otherwise not a bad video but you look a bit knackered in some shots. Quite liked the video on nyc. That's how I came across your channel. Great!

  11. Luis Duarte Rincón

    That’s true! How lucky are all European who can travel from one country to another , so fast , and find another culture, language, architecture, people, etc . No visas ,etc

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