Koh Lipe Thailand has some of the clearest water around. It’s also really far south and really expensive. Is it worth it?
Yesterday’s vlog – RAW TRAVEL – Koh Tao to Lipe

I made a video guide to Thailand for you!

We stayed in beautiful Cabana Lipe Beach Resort on sunrise beach.
The hotel:

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April 19, 2016

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  1. Alison Linh

    Ah, I'm going here in a couple days and I had some high expectations also, but this video makes me worried it's going to be insanely crowded. At least now, I won't be disappointed and I can just make the most of it.

  2. ineram1985

    I was worrying all through this video (just booked my trip), and then you said "most incredible marine life" and "if you're a snorkler" and I was like "phew :D", because that's exactly why I'm going there, can't wait to check it out for myself.

  3. Jonas Johnsson

    Good that you are honest! When I go to a beach, I want to relax. I was at Ao Nang, Krabi last year. Not nice for me with all long tails boat, and the islands we visited outisde Ao Nang, were full of tourists. Then I prefer the beach in Mae Phim, not the best beach, but calm. Or north of Phuket…I havent been there, but according to google, noone else is there either 😉 Or…south of Hua Hin…wow….

  4. Jonas Johnsson

    Hi! It seems like it is not worth it!? I did not like Ao Nang beach because of long tail boats leaving and coming all the time. What beach can you recomend in the far south? I maybe go to Songkhla this year and want to go to an island.

  5. Angelchildxx

    You showed your GF commenting on general Koh Lipe by showing Pattaya beach, which is not really the beach you wanna sunbathing. You were in front of Sunrise beach, but you have showed in this video nothing about it.

    And it is not true you cannot look at the sunset from sunrise beach. You can. It's just that you have to walk a little bit.

    At Sunrise beach there are a lot of spots where you don't have boats in front of you and you should have showed the crystal clear water better but probably the weather wasn't assist you.

    I stayed in Koh Lipe one full week and I can say that even if you are coming from somewhere distance, and you are just looking for relax and not big club or disco, it is an island that is well worth 3 to 5 days.

    The water at Sunrise beach was just amazing (feb 2018) and the bars and restaurant around are pretty cool. Of course you won't find any super disco or club on the island like in bigger island or phuket, but neither ladyboys or whores approaching you every 5 meters. Plus, The snorkeling you can do there is difficult to do at other island (just go 30 meters to see pretty nice things). It has only one very good beach, Sunrise beach, but it's pretty wide.

  6. Rydrdg

    Is this a good beach place to bring your family? I'm looking for a family friendly beach that has clear water.

  7. Progamer Peter

    I’m there right now and that island you showed at the start was one I snorkeled at! So ye! I also saw the hotel I stayed at on 1:15

  8. Daniel H.

    Wow, I have visited so many locations and mostly the same as you . And when I'm planning to visit a new location and search for information about that place i see your videos . You are the best YouTuber

  9. A Broom

    So sad, i went in 2009 with my best friend & it was pure and untouched, we felt like real explorers! Any beach we found while exploring the island we had entirely to our selves. There were no island tours, just kayaks to hire. We just rolled up on the pure white sand, walked and found our accommodation which was £20 a night on the beach front and Loved life.

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