SNAKES IN BALI + DAY IN THE LIFE CANGGU | Indonesia Travel Vlog | Digital Nomad

Check out a typical day in the life in Bali vlog as we hang out in Canggu, a digital nomad fav in Indonesia. Oh, and Bali Snakes!! ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

Bali is a well know spot to travel in Indonesia and Canggu is one of the busier spots. Canggu is also arguably also the digital nomad hot spot of Indonesia and home to a lot of expats and slow travellers.

We’ll be spending a few months exploring Indonesia, initially with a long stint in Canggu and Bali, so thought we’d share another day in the life video. The last few ( ) seemed to be really interesting to you all so here’s another!

Not a typical day in the life, or a typical day in Bali at all though… we’ve got snakes in our villa and they’re a little sketchy! Apparently a snake in your villa is good luck, at least thats what we select to believe anyway.

Anyone know if the green snakes in Bali are poisonous? Haha.

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20 Replies to “SNAKES IN BALI + DAY IN THE LIFE CANGGU | Indonesia Travel Vlog | Digital Nomad”

  1. Rex Waldron

    I really like these day in the life videos. You make a good point about being free from the utter tyranny of a routine. It's not working that's the problem, especially if you love what you do, it's been tied down to a stifling routine that's the pain. The rain shots reminded me of an evening dip we had in the hotel pool in India back in August. It started to rain while we were swimming but the rain was so warm we stayed in the pool – couldn't do that in the UK as the rain is so cold, even in summer 🙂 That frog was a proper acrobat – that was mental!!

  2. James Bradley

    Another great vid. Thank you for posting. I too have been to 54 countries. Looking forward to other travels of indo. All the best….😎

  3. DC Travel

    We saw 2 snakes in Chiang Mai about a week ago. In the street, in front of the police station next to casa condominium. It looked similar to the one in your tree. The other one the grab driver shouted look a snake. Thank God I was in the car. But the other one was close to my feet, I was jumping around like a maniac and my husband tried to capture it but then we had to get in to our next grab, (saved by the grab). What is going on with the snakes in Asia. When will you guys return to Chiang Mai? would really love to meet you guys. I bought your book around June and definitely no bullshit haha. It has been a month since we sold all our stuff and took the leap of faith. Thank you so much for your influence in our lives. You guys are such a blessing.

  4. G L

    Wow! I grew up on a sugar cane farm in South Africa, and lived in Australia. The only snake I have ever seen in the wild was at a resort in Bali. It slithered between my legs at the pool. I freaked the hell out. Crazy!

  5. Raditya Oe

    Miracle place, blessed you, blessed us all. Thanks for shared the video.

    Best regards.

    Nb. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, dont get to close if frog higher than your eyes height. If frog feel unsecured, can peeing you. Literary pee. If your eyes hit by that pee, unlucky, just pray so you not blind by that pee. Many cases blind by showered pee of angry frong who stick in wall. Many person. You know frog really harmless, just the pee, careful dude. And watch out from colourfull frog. Its just poisoned. Death by heart failure. Beside that, that plas was magical..

  6. Loni & Al

    Wow, your vids and editing are really so smooth and professional. Really coming along beautifully. BTW Al hates snakes, never saw any in Bali. Had one get into our kitchen in Ohio, huge water snake. Ugh!!! Loni:👩🏼‍🦰&Al:👱🏻‍♂️

  7. Mitch Kirchner

    I do enjoy the day in the life videos, it's a reminder that this is a job for you guys not just one giant vacation, though you two make it seem like the greatest job on earth! Keep up the wonderful work, you are an inspiration to me and I'm sure many other as well.

  8. K 10012

    This reminds me of all the lizards in my room while staying at a beautiful hotel in the jungles of Ubud, LOL. Canggu is my favorite area, but I might stay in Seminyak, where I never saw anything in my room. I'll be there in January for a few months to work on setting up my online business. How important do you think it is for a new digital nomad to join a co working space? I found one I liked in Canggu last time I was there, and I'd trek from Seminyak to Canggu twice a week, just to avoid dealing with creatures in my room, ha!

  9. Travellers Relish

    Am so scared of snakes and frogs. I wouldn't be as chill as you were shooting the snake. Haha, 8 hours and buying one coffee. Loving the day in the life videos.

  10. neng_atcha

    At certain times/season, certain animals like to go out. I live next to rice fields in Banten (Java island), it's not uncommon for frogs, snakes and laron (I dunno the English words,) show up in my home after rice harvest. Also if the weather too hot, snakes also out from their hiding place.
    We usually put salt outside of doors/window . Snakes don't like salt. Same thing if we want to trap and catch them.

  11. Nina Pasterny

    You guys should get a Monzo card! You can use it abroad with no extra cost and it’s a debit card. I’m from Britain though, but I’m sure you can get them too.

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