Van Life – Why We Love Living in a Van?!

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– We’ve been getting hundreds of comments and questions about why we live in a van recently and they got us thinking that maybe we’re crazy to think it’s the best thing ever?

In this video, we talk about how we’re exploring alternative lifestyles (hence the Exploring Alternatives title!), and that we don’t know what’s right or wrong for us until we try it. Van life is one of our experiments and it’s an attempt to combine our favourite things into one lifestyle: minimalism, travel, comfort, adventure, camping, hiking, green living, etc. and so far we love it!

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Mat & Danielle


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All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat Dubé of Exploring Alternatives.

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36 Replies to “Van Life – Why We Love Living in a Van?!”

  1. Marcel Godfrey

    You both are so inspiring. I am working hard & saving for my van, hopefully I will be hitting the road in May next year. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us all.

  2. Cynthia Kilpert

    You guys are awesome. We are a family of three, and planning to buy or fix up a Campervan and take it through route66 from chicago to California. Trying to get as much knowledge as I can from you both

  3. Duane 4

    Using a used vehicle as opposed to buying new as most of sticks and bricks society does, saves a lot of carbon impact from the manufacture of new cars/trucks. Far out weighs the poorer gas mileage.

  4. Keith Johnson

    Hello I did this for two years in Hawaii to see how much money I can save up per year.  Apt rent is about $1400 per month. That's $33,600 for 24 months I have saved.

  5. Curtis Confuz

    Great idea! 1) What is the best type of van to look for? What's the most quiet place to sleep in urban areas?

  6. TheHippieShip

    Thank you for making your videos; I'm getting ready to restore a van myself and look forward to traveling more. Keep up the great work you two

  7. rahul surendran

    I want to do this, but I am too scared to be honest. You guys are brave. Best of luck with your life.

  8. Lindy McLain

    Im a new subscriber. how do you use the bathroom? Do you use a bucket with wood chips? Did you insulate your van and do you recommend insulating a van and does a van need to be insulated or can you do without insulation?

  9. MrE4effort

    Very nice couple. Matt asks, "Why, why on Earth, would we want to live in a van?" It was hilarious as they both looked at each other and Danielle started to chuckle. Yes, it takes a bit of craziness and a sense of humor to live the lifestyle.

  10. hydrolito

    If your in the states you could go to Canada and Mexico that is international, unless they have rules against vans coming over border they might search the whole thing, but could park at border and walk across if you have things they don't allow to cross. Would have to check what is allowed over border if wanted to take van. Mexico and Canada might limit how far you can go in I've only been fairly close to their borders when I crossed.

  11. hydrolito

    You could get bicycles or mopeds so you don't have to take the van everywhere, they could be mounted on the van. Of course make sure it is parked in a secure place so it isn't stolen.

  12. Khrys Schulte

    I really enjoy our videos. But, hey maybe someday you could go international. Ferry across the ocean. 😎

  13. Mr. R

    I got two questions:

    1. How much did you have to spend to get that kind of Van?

    2. How do you stay cool in the van during hot summer nights?

  14. Cullick Bachstietz

    You guys are awesome. Don't let people bring you down with negative comments. You both are young so enjoy life to the fullest. Matt you are so handsome. I love these videos. Visit the states!

  15. Randomfatkid150

    Hi from Sheffield England. Good on you for living your dream! I've always wanted to travel and live from place to place, just one question how do you make money? thanks in advance! … Matt

  16. entertainme

    Just curious, how easy is it to get to a pilot, flying j, good truck stop? Don't they have nice clean showers and washrooms you can use

  17. Joe Garagozzo

    I'm selling everything…minus my pants…and I will by a leisure travel van. I like the unity with the island bed. All the comfort 2 people need . 10 more years…10 more😫😫

  18. samsuj zaman

    Both of you are wonderful ppl. Adventurous and with a desire to see and learn more. I have never lived in a van but what I have learned from you is that although there could be some issues still living in a van could be very beautiful 😊

  19. D K

    You don’t have to give a reason to live your dream. Live your dream, ignore the haters, and keep exploring. Take care guys.

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