I finally made it to Port Barton, a quiet beach escape from the El Nido. Thank you to the hundreds of you who came to the Cebu meet up!

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Nov, 2017

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  1. Lost LeBlanc

    This was a great escape from the booming El Nido. In case you missed yesterday I shared how El Nido is changing and if Nacpan is still the Most Beautiful Beach in the world:

    It's also worth mentioning that Port Barton has great island tours but sadly we did not have time!

  2. DangeRus -Random Video-

    Damn it! I just got back from Philippines last week, whether did not cooperate so all my trip to islands was cancel! I need to go back…

  3. manos3790

    A man in his mid/late 20's clutching at religious straws, shameful! Do you still believe in Santa & the tooth fairy?lol Also quit wining about the poor WiFi in the most pleasant island on earth. Surely that's also down to God?😂👍

  4. Tie'ths Rose

    I wish you have meet-up fans in Manila that I could come to see you both live in person, but don't cover me in the blog I'm a private person I go there just to meet-up and send a gift from you. Pls tell me went it will be…

  5. 超Chao

    Just came back from Port Barton and San Vicente Poblacion, the whole San Vicente really need some serious infrastructure improvement, they have so much potential and the Long Beach is at least parallel to Nacpan without a doubt. Port Barton has been around the scene for as long as El Nido, it was really popular for the backpackers, for some reason, El Nido popped, and Port Barton lost its days

  6. steve ogar

    Stop all the whining about the Internet and just do the video and upload later !Stop complaining,you know how it is there ,just accept it!

  7. Curt Alden

    CHURCH: I Checked out your church and looked at the Pain and suffering video. The one thing I think he left out is that all the spiritual creatures, angels, are looking in at Adam and Eve and the Question that was posed to them and Job, namely, do mankind have the right and power to rule themselves without God. Satan posed this to man and thus angels see this proposed question too. Time needed to be given to answer that, but we know the answer is No. Jehovahs Witnesses teach all over the world and probably in the countries you are visiting. Check out time and meeting locations by you at JW.ORG. Great travel vlogs by the way. The world is beautiful!

  8. Cherrybelle Dawn

    I love Jamie Direction's brit accent😘Cebu Pac is the heart of the Filipino🛫 Christy looks super duper cute in a pink helmet😍

  9. Travel Gretl

    Haha – Mr. LeBlanc! I had the nr. 1 spot in search results with my Port Barton video for 3 years….. and you just stole it from me! Damn….Need some new fulfillment in my life now 😉

    No with all honesty: very cool to see you went to Port Barton! It's my favorite in Palawan personally, just because of the relaxed atmosphere 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    Keep stealing those first row spots 😉

  10. sune dosa

    Not having fast wifi-connection as you´re used to …"driving me crazy.."
    Are you serious?
    Man, this is soooo touristy!
    Embassing, coming from the west, kind of cherry-picking.
    Sorry, but why just let´s try a different kind of experience, just try to skip your computer and phone for a couple of hours? Not possible? Ok, there are a lot of different places to go.
    Wifi usually works good in the US and most parts of Europe nowdays…

  11. harveyboy45

    Good on you man standing up for your faith and it's nice to see you standing up for some elephant abuse issues. The great issues facing our beautiful planet are part of the travel community. Your presenting for the next generation. Admirable. I take my hat off for you and will keep you boys in my thoughts and prayers. If you're ever in the uk you can catch up your British accents. Haha

  12. hoyiew

    I click the video to watch/learn about port Barton. I mean that's the xxx Title right? The content of port barton in the video, you can make it in ca. 30s(maybe 1-2 mins to show the area beach etc.) relaxing for couples; you pick a nice hotel; you paid xxx for the van to there; what else?! I stopped the video at 9 mins and for me till 9 min it looks like more about your video upload problems that about the place. Didn't you learn in the school that when you talk about a topic and the most of the content should be about the topic? Why the xxx do you write everything in capital letters and THE SECRET HIDEOUT in you title? To get more clicks on your video etc.?! I don't how the vlog videos are like, but I really don't understand how could you get many like on the video?! Is it like the nowadays mainstream xxx you like/comment my videos and so I like yours?!

  13. Hanie Roble

    Thank you Matt for this treat ‘ definitely want to see this in person. Also would like to recommend the book: Great Controversy. A must read, there is other book that tell us about the past and the future check it out.

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