Travel Tips: 12 Tips on How To Survive Long Flights

Travel Tips: 12 Tips on How To Survive Long Flights. Avoid jet lag and ENJOY your flight. For real…

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Long flights really don’t have to be painful and you can enjoy them immensely. I do. And over the 12 years of travel and almost 50 countries, I’ve figured out great tips and strategies on how to survive long flights, how to enjoy long flights, eliminate jet lag and make the most out of your travel when you arrive to your destination.

In this video I’m taking a flight from Latvia (Europe) to Bali, Indonesia so you receive real time information on how I’m feeling, what I’m doing to make the most out of the long journey.

I hope this video was helpful! 🙂

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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46 Replies to “Travel Tips: 12 Tips on How To Survive Long Flights”

  1. Steven Powell

    GR8 video but i just dont get jet lag…. never had it and think its a mind thing….have to disagree with the aisle seat though lol.. window all the way for me….

  2. Celine Linesse

    lovely video and great tips! quick question though: i see it all the time that people are taking food from home into the airplane, and i was always sure that this is prohibited? it would change my life though haha!

  3. angelkny

    Happy I found your channel. Where did you buy the outfit you wore on the plane? Notice info wasn’t listed in vid. Thanks, cheers

  4. ballistichydrant

    Agree, but I still hate flying. And bonus tip, ear plugs, high quality ear plugs.
    My favorite description of air travel, what other situation will you pay thousands of dollars for to be treated like poop for hours and hours?

  5. SilentManiac

    Can you do a video about your fitness routine? If you have one <3
    Love your character! You're so authentic!

  6. stavroula laskarudia

    Have you ever experience a bad flight(turbulances etc)?I used to enjoy flights too but after terrible 11hour flight I m afraid to fly again!If you have tips for anxious travellers you are welcome!

  7. Tiffany Canseco

    Please tell us about where you live consistently! It looks like you have a dwelling of sorts. This is such an amazing lifestyle! I want to understand everything about it.

  8. Jane Friday

    Cool hacks BUT I’d throw up if you’d open your “healthy food “ jar next to me in a plane
    Boiled eggs and pickes stink!

  9. Hao Dinh

    Hi, can I really bring food jar and skincare liquid (serum, moisturiser…) on an airplane, domestic and international? I so desperately want to bring these things. It's a brilliant idea!

  10. The Researc[her]

    Great advice. The step about sleeping at the normal time for the place that you’re going is what really helps me the most.

  11. Erik Carter

    Omg, broccoli, pickles, and eggs are literally the three smelliest foods besides maybe sauerkraut and fish. Your cabin mates on that flight are going to haaaate you! xD Lmao

  12. Eva Cocina rosa

    I have never suffered jet lag in my life. I have a job with shifts along 24 hours, so I usually sleep in the morning several times a month. And I also have insomnia and I wake up often in the middle of the night (usually at 3:30 am every single time, creepy) and stay awake for 2 or 3 hour before falling asleep again. So, when I get a bed, I sleep immediately, no matter what time is at the origin. And for help I usually have a melatonin or valerian pill. I suppose that I’m lucky or maybe not, because I travel a little and sleep bad almost all the year XD

  13. Milan Vujcich

    I just booked a flight to Bali randomly haha. I only just had the idea and I'm leaving in a week haha

  14. LoriSavingWild

    you missed what I find to be the most important tip which is to drink SO much water that you get up to pee constantly. That is the main thing that cures jet lag.

  15. Moira SiJi

    I'm actually "forcing" myself not to sleep the night before (I'm a night owl anyway) so I can sleep on the plane. Also I can use the night to pack my stuff, shave, do a shower, be nostalgic etc.. Probably changing my mind when I'll got older (currently 18).

  16. Rebecca Teagan

    Food is very important, I once didn’t eat for 18 hours and was completely gone when I got to my destination :///

  17. Eva PM

    Omg you crack me up! I’ve never seen your videos and I wasn’t sure if I liked you when I saw the first one. I’m not a person who gives up, so I kept watching and you are absolutely hilarious and very knowledgeable. Thank you for this video and btw, you don’t need makeup because you’re already beautiful

  18. Shiran De Silva

    Please please don’t have to fight jet lag just stay at home and don’t travel at all just stay at home and sleep or go down to the local bar and get drunk and look for remedies to become sober

  19. Shiran De Silva

    When land in New York you do not need to touch up have look at some of my videos how desperate and sad the side walks look full of trash and homeless desperate humans just like you and me.
    I have travelled to 230 nations countries enclaves and all kinds before YouTube and all of the social media started and I have only taken my self on the flight and documents they ask you to produce other than that nothing else also to cover my self since we introduced clothing

  20. Marci LK

    I’ve been considering going to Bali. What city do you recommend staying in Bali? Also, my problem with long flights is that I get so much pain in my legs from sitting. Do you have any recommendations for that?

  21. iamshakenbake

    I bet they love you on the plane when you open up your broccoli and egg jar lol! 😝 -love your vids! Keep up the good work!

  22. HoszHosz

    I have a good experience ordering vegan food. It's much better than normal. Of course there are some unhealthy things too. Plus, sometimes you get normal and vegan eg. buns, as a mistake :DDD

  23. Fábio Albuquerque

    Thanks for the tips. I'm going on a long trip in less than 2 weeks (for long trip), so I hope I can avoid jet leg as much as possible.
    Lisbon, Portugal -> London, England -> Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -> Manila, Philipines

    I'm excited, despite the long flights. 😀

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