BORDER DELAYS – BUDAPEST TO ZAGREB BUS | Hungary to Croatia FlixBus | Travel Vlog

Is Flixbus from Budapest to Zagreb any good? Sad to be leaving Hungary, but Croatia is next if this Flix Bus travel…⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇ Learn to travel full-time:

Today we depart Budapest on a bus to Zagreb. We’ve used Flixbus a few times now, generally it’s a good travel day and the bus is nice enough, but today we did hit a few hiccups passing from Hungary boarder into Croatia. To be fair, thats a travel day though and as you can see from the vlog it wasn’t really a big deal. Also, the delays arriving into Croatia aren’t really the fault of Flix bus at all.

Regardless, we’re in Zagreb and excited to share more of what Croatia has to offer! There’s lots of new vlog content and travel videos to share from Croatia so stay tuned for more!

For now, enjoy another travel day bus vlog and we’ll be back in a few days with more 🙂

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29 Replies to “BORDER DELAYS – BUDAPEST TO ZAGREB BUS | Hungary to Croatia FlixBus | Travel Vlog”

  1. lailaagrado

    This summer is one of the hottest in decades in Europe, Germany had 40 degrees for two months without a drop of rain…

  2. Nikolina Lisko

    my home country! Croatia ❤ Which places are you guys going? My recommendation definitely Zadar and from there with ferry to Preko
    And also day trip to Sakarun beach. And dont miss National Park Krka + Plitvice lakes

  3. Marzena Lidia

    I hope you said hi to your parents from all of us! And please share with us what is your plan for your month in Croatia, there is so much to see in the country & the neighboring ones!

  4. Konrad Russa

    not sure how useful it is for yours journey, but temperature is produced by sun radiation on earth surface (like sand other materials, area is also important :)), decreasing −6.5 Celsius per each km for troposphere (up to 11km – altitude of aircraft) according to International Standard Atmosphere, hence the lower you are the hotter is, and that's why in mountains is colder. But also the lower you are it is highly possible you will find helium (caves in South America can't be explored becasue helium is produced from decay under sea level). Typical aircrafts travel in troposphere where is most of air condensed, above that propellers will not work having nothing like fluid to keep plane moving, helium is cool here for great pictures and videos.

  5. Psychphüq

    Very much looking forward to your Hrvatska series… 🙂
    I think it'll help me plan… Costs video especially…
    Planning process for me will start in earnest once I have my new passport…

  6. Kathryn Baurhenn

    oh man I didn't realize you were going to zadar!! I am so excited 🙂 I spent a month there doing an archaeology field school. I love it there because it's much quieter than other Croatian cities. I hope you had a nice time

  7. Adr ian

    Back from split 2 days ago 😀 you should visit Trogir old town looks so cool. And also try dukat i love this yogurt haha

  8. Kathy and Tony

    Really digging these travelling Kiwi's
    They have inspired me to document our travels, but like their parents 🙂

  9. Brian Little

    Just love watching you two guys. So refreshingly honest & that u remain positive no matter what life throws up!

  10. Claudiu Ionica

    Taxify is actually an alternative to UBER. Same kind of service. We have both in Romania! BTW..great videos, keep it up! 🙂

  11. PetraZ

    i just discovered you guys and I like your style! and I'm gonna watch all your Croatian videos because I always like to see how foreigners see Croatia <3

  12. Matheus Corrêa

    Hey guys, I'm from Brazil.
    This fruit, açaí (that's how we write in portuguese), comes from the Amazon.
    We pronounce it like a.ça.Í, with the stress syllabe on the "i".
    You guys are trying the "Rio way" of eating açaí. The natives in the Amazon eat it salty and on the fish.
    I loved your channel, bye.

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