TRAVEL VLOG | San Francisco

STYLE DIARY for this trip:
I hope you enjoyed, thanks for watching! xx
HUGE thank you to our friend Brandon for showing us around and helping film:

Shot by:


Where We Stayed:
The Marker San Francisco-

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San Francisco (Little Daylight Remix) The Mowgli’s
Chocolate (Taylor Wise Remix) The 1975
Little Talks- Of Monsters & Men (Thomas Jack Remix)

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47 Replies to “TRAVEL VLOG | San Francisco”

  1. Matthew Collazo

    I love that you focused on the vlog aspect because it gives you an insiders experience. I spent 72 hours there (I just released my own travel video from the trip!) but I spent it with people who live there, so I also got an inside experience, which is so different than a visitors checklist.

  2. Kevin Penrose

    This is a cool vlog, I recently uploaded my own travel vlog of San Francisco. Check it out and maybe subscribe to my channel 😊

  3. Becky Hoang

    LOVED it !!!! Where is the location in sausilito where you guys hung near the stoned steps? At 04.23 ? Thanks 🙂

  4. Ron C

    You guys seem like an awesome couple together. Keep it up. Traveling is one of the best things. Coming from someone who's been to Japan, Los Angeles, and Australia.

  5. MemeProductions

    Travel tip: near the coast of San Francisco, there is an amazing restaurant that serves clam chowder! Next to it is a bread company that makes bread in different shapes and sizes! Like a turtle or rabbit!

    Make sure to take good pictures of the golden gate and walk for a little there and good pictures of the trans America pyramid

  6. Flaui

    WAIT – STOP !! I knew all about your New York City Travel Guides, but I did not know that you even had one for San Fran. Awesome, going there in September and will definately use your tips!! 🙂

  7. Andrew C

    When you're at Golden Gate bridge take an uber/lyft to Baker Beach and also go down the road to museum Legion of Honor.

    When you're in the mission yes el Farolito is thee best burriton in SF, the best Nachos are at Pancho Villa Taqueria.

    If you stop by in the Castro you have to stop in Hot Cookie.

    If you're driving through the tenderloin you have to stop by for a fast cheap super yummy Vietnamese sandwich aka banh mi at Saigon Sandwich

    If you're wondering what club to hit up on a friday or saturday night check out the calendars for Mezzanine, Public Works or Temple.
    If it's just a bar you're interested in Polk Street has about 8-10 bars on it's street within 4 blocks of each other and plenty of pizza by the slice open afterwards til 3a.

    If you have a couple days and wanna travel outside to much nicer weather during the spring, summer take Caltrain train south to downtowns which are steps away from the actual stations in cities of Burlingame, San Mateo and Palo Alto.

  8. shachaf picker

    Hey! Could you please tell me whats the name of the bridge view point that you visited? Thanks!!❤

  9. Wind of Roses

    ★★Annoying Chinese or Korean Americans are making fuss everyday in somewhere of San Francisco, so I never never visit such a dirty criminal city.


    I absolutely love your vlogs and watched them for inspiration for my first ever vlog! Thank you for that:)

  11. Dave Piccinetti

    I worked in San Francisco as a Production Assistant for a week. It was dope. Then the trip home happened…. Check Check Check it out!

  12. Chasa Fulkerson

    San Francisco is one place I would like to visit. I'm not too big on cities, but there are some I still want to visit. It just depends what kind of mood I am in. I would like to see the Full House, that's cool.

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  14. WAXY KEV

    wow this is so lame, when I went to SF I went hard AF. Also hit the Cookies store! and was drunk and high as can be and documented the whole fucking thing. Shit going back on the 27th hyped AF

  15. Zombie Killer

    If you like stepping in loads of human shit and needles then come on over. Lots of aggressive druggies begging for money too! Sounds like fun!

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