CAMPUHAN RIDGE WALK HIKE UBUD | Bali Travel Vlog 005, 2016

Started with an early hike at Campuhan ridge walk in Ubud Bali, incredible food, scooter rides, coffee, sunset drinks, swimming and a ruthless thunder storm. Definitely worth the early start to get hiking up Campuhan and well worth the visit to Ubud.

It’s a cool walk along some ridges that look out across green, just beautiful green Bali. Not exactly a hike really, truth is it isnt super toughh but it made for an interesting vlog either way 🙂

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4 Replies to “CAMPUHAN RIDGE WALK HIKE UBUD | Bali Travel Vlog 005, 2016”

  1. Nas Hariel

    Nice one.. Finished watching all of your stuff except the new zealand one!

    I've been watching travel vlog from others vlogger (The Pro and successful one) but yours inspired me so much, because I can see that you're a beginner which I need to learn to be one. Yes! I want to start a vlog next year as that is my 2017 resolution.

    KEEP IT UP! and Please don't stop vlogging, cause I want that feeling of inspiration from your works! can't wait what next! hehe

    @nas.hariel (

  2. Pedal heroine

    As a expat ☝cycling 🚴there often i call it bukit cinta like the locals do!
    Means hill of making ❤ inside the gras they do making ❤

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