We spent the day in the town of Utrecht!

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  1. Manon Vo

    yes! Utrecht is so much better than Amsterdam (in my opinion, amsterdam just stinks of weed and is way to crowded. and then you got Utrecht, les crowded same pretty canals. lovely) I go to school there.

  2. annielator

    if u come to netherlands again go to frysland or groningen xD thx i liv in groningen so xD i will learn u guys some dutch

  3. MrTubularBalls

    3:47 that's the Dom tower, you can get a guided tour. Long climb to the top, but the view is worth it! Esp with weather that nice, considerig it was november.

  4. FireCracker3240

    It's official. I'm in love. With the city of Utrecht and this country in general. The Netherlands is everything I could want. Autumn is my favorite season of the year, hands down, and to get to be in such a beautiful, serene place… and enjoy the water, and the crisp weather, the natural beauty, delicious food. Just heavenly. This is now in my top 2 favorite places you've been. I could totally see myself living here.

  5. FireCracker3240

    Hahaha… what was with that guy Fencing a tree in front of the bridge? LOL… how curious, yet fun. 😂😂

  6. aka.charlee

    Wow!! Literally had no idea how beautiful it is there…Fall is my absolute favorite season…and man you guys found a great place to see some of the season, and THANK YOU for renting the waterbike…that was stunning!! 🙂 GREAT VLOG AS always 🙂 BIG HUGS FROM IDAHO! 🙂

  7. SIG442

    1:23 Well Nate says "Kinderdijk" correctly in one go, that was something I didn't expect. Good job Nate! (Almost even without accent)

    Zeist isn't as small as you may think, well… according to US standards it likely is haha

    Those balls are in fact croquettes, just round. The name for them is "bitterballen" (bitter balls, it refers to the taste and the shape in this case)

    5:42 You don't have to treat the Dutch people like they don't know English, specially in tourism they know ALWAYS English as one of the required languages. In most cases they speak at native level as well. About 85% of the Dutch people speak English or are able to understand you.

    7:08 Those canal bikes as you keep calling them, are called in English 'Pedalo' or 'peddle boats'. Aside from that, how hard is it to use those things? That bar you need to steer with is rather simple to use, point to the direction you wish to travel to. pull it to the left side to go left, pull it to the right to go right and keep it in the middle to go straight ahead. You really thinking to hard on that one Kara haha

    Next time you are able to get stroopwafels, make sure to warm them up. You can do that in a pan WITHOUT butter or anything of the kind. It will make the syrup turn to it's liquid form and even the cookies will turn a bit softer. Trust me, it's excellent for the colder days! You may even be able to find a stroopwafel street vendor who will do it for you (also tastes a lot better and they sell much bigger stroopwafels)

    For locations in the Netherlands, why is every tourist going to the well known locations and think all of the country looks the same? I really urge you to explore, do a road trip trough out the country and see how diverse it really is on such a small surface. You will be surprised to see what you missed out on by sticking to the well known locations

  8. Emilie Parker

    I grew up in the netherlands and ive recently have stumbled upon your channel and have been complety obsessed i was so excited that you guys went too utrecht (which btw you said from but who cares) love too see more of you guys in the netherlands

  9. blackholecat

    The more scenic place to eat is the spot me and my girlfriend like to pick on summer nights to drink.

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