CALIFORNIA ROAD TRIP!! | November 6th, 2016
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Monday November 7th @2PM
Rose Cafe in Venice!

Erik Conover Video Blog 485: Spontaneous road trip up to the hills for a hike and sunset!



snapchat: erikconover

Music By:

Canon G7x
DJI Phantom 4 Drone
GoPro Hero 4 Black
Joby Gorillapod

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41 Replies to “CALIFORNIA ROAD TRIP!!”

  1. malikasingz

    Missed the meet up by 45 minutes thanks to traffic :(. I work for a disaster response nonprofit called Team Rubicon. Our HQ is across the street from LAX. If you ever have time you can always stop by! With your interest in the coast guard I think you'd like what we do check us out Erik!

  2. Tay Stein

    This is soooo weird! I have watched your vlogs for years, wishing I could visit New York and in this vlog you were LITERALLY in my TOWN, doing the things I love to do. So surreal! If you need any recommendations for things to do in SoCal, hit me up.

  3. Heather Isobel

    So fun to watch your videos in my neck of the woods! Sad I couldn't drive all the way out to LA today. I hope you had a great time at the meet up! Do one in orange county next time!

  4. Anja

    great video! you seem so happy in California, I'm really not in the place to tell you what to do, but it really seems like you belong there 🙂 (and the vlogs lately have been fantastic btw! your happiness and energy are just radiant right now!)

  5. ginah tran

    I love that you keep filming down the Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna. I pass by there quite often and it never gets tiring.

  6. jesseg1699

    Having a drone when you couldn't make it to the summit of that mountain was SO CLUTCH. AMAZING shots man.

  7. Arianna L.O

    Damn! I had to stop the vlog and Shazam that song at 4:00 ! It's soooo cool…btw it's called Just a lover by Hayden James 😉

  8. Ronald McNabb

    Erik, you are literally 6 hours from one of the prettiest places in the world. Yosemite National Park. Since you love Hiking, you would enjoy it.


    Erik you are meant to be in Cali! While your in OC go check out the Packing house district in Anaheim, and Portos bakery in Brea! And you should try to make it out to Big Bear! Have fun!

  10. Jay P. Tv

    On my channel I did a video called ''Every song you need for a good road trip" , it work very well on fb, but it's so hard on youtube:o So If you have time you can go watch it and if you enjoy, help me by subscribing and liking the video!:)

  11. katie beardsley

    I just started watching you & just wanted to say ou are super cool & keep up what your doing lol idk I never comment but with your amazing videos I just feel like I had to!

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