Exploring Abandoned Insane Asylum: Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Ever wonder what it looks like inside an abandoned insane asylum? It’s pretty creepy… here’s your personal tour of Kings Park Psychiatric Center in Long Island, NY.

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9 Replies to “Exploring Abandoned Insane Asylum: Kings Park Psychiatric Center”

  1. RageFilms

    Damn this makes me wanna go back. Maybe I'll go back when it's warmer and spend a full day there. Sick video tho bro

  2. Shannon Cassidy

    Great vid! I just uploaded my first video from my second time going. You were smart not to go in the basement, the first time I went a homeless man chased us out of the basement XD

  3. Carmela Hilton

    I worked at Kings Park State Hospital several years in the late 60's and the hospital was not haunted whatsoever. I worked in building A and B, x-ray department and building 7 with geriatrics.i would have to say that alot of employees were abusive with the partients. that was the problem.

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