Bangkok is such a beautiful city and this day was another one of those unforgettable BKK days. Cocktails at Eagle Nest, Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho, Partying on Khaosan Road and Shopping MBK mall. If you’re going to Bangkok, this may help you plan a few activities around the city!

April 10 and sorta 11, 2016

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Left her in the Pouring Rain – Late June
Swiggity Swooty, I’m coming for that Booty
It’s me bitches
Let It Go (Bearson Remix) – James Bay
Intro by Lumines Designs:

-What camera do you use? Canon G7X & Panasonic GH4
-What do you use to edit your videos? FCPX
-Are you a body builder/model cause you’re too much to handle? No.
-How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? What is a wood chuck.

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  1. dee hinksman

    How do you keep your laptop safe? Do you leave it in you hotel room? I'm doing south east Asia in a few weeks and work freelance so need to take my laptop with me but really worried

  2. ken loizar monton

    You're funny! Haha! I will be visiting bangkok this june. So excited! I will be bringing my thai dictionary with me. Lol

  3. Salman

    Hey just wanted to say amazing vlog! My girlfriend is actually thai and thats the reason ive ben twice so far. Absolutely my favorite place in the world! Safe travels man, keep up the good work

  4. JBL

    I will be in Bangkok in 3 weeks!! Was transportation from the airport to where you stayed difficult? Is pickpocketing really a bad issue there? Everywhere I read online mentioned it as a major issue. Also any other suggestions or recommendations for first timers in Bangkok?

  5. Jordan Pike

    No YouTube in China Christian! I think that's what the dude was trying to tell you. Another fun video dude! Thanks!

  6. elizabuttbutt

    planning a trip to thailand.. enjoying all the vlogs! going to watch the philipines ones next! keep it up!

  7. Jose Lopez

    hey im planning in going to thailand for around 13-15 days in november have any suggestions like routs or places that i cannot missed.

  8. Abigail Hickman

    love your video, me and my partner are traveling to Singapore, kho phi phi, krabi and bangkok in October and this has just made me even more excited 😀

  9. Cousins

    at 12:13…..WTF?!?!? lol…why is "I heart Jew cock" on there…among other and the Jizz ? wow…damn tourists…durty durty

  10. Jon Maree

    Greetings from Berlin. Heading to Thailand in two weeks and your videos have really been a great source of information and advice to us. I've watched all your videos that you've made on Thailand sometimes some of them even more than once. Great valuable travel tips make going on holiday easier, relaxing and more enjoyable.
    I have a question about getting a Thai SIM card, is this possible and if so where could we go? Thanks so much

  11. rerai cragg

    this is my favourite video of all time the music the view thai people would say "touch the feelings" veen following you for 2 weeks love all Thailand video coz ill be there in 5 months 😊😊😊😊

  12. stanny1136

    Hey Christian, I am in Thailand right now and desperatly looking for someone quality adda's. I cant find your vlog where you bought them. do you know a place? 🙂

  13. Aitthipat Boonkumol

    I spent a night watching ur vlogs, such a good contents and flawless. So glade that u love Thailand. I'm a big fan of u now 👍🏼👍🏼

  14. พิมพา ประภาโชติกุล ณ อยุธยา

    Hello welcome. Thailand always welcome you. Want to be careful about taxi in Bangkok like cheating on passengers. But it's just some cars. Anyway, I have fun. Like you, follow all the trips.

  15. Meiji

    France and Thailand had strong connections during the 17th to 19th century, the first embassy from Thailand to France arrived in Versailles during the 1680's lead by Kosa Pan… Yes that wasn't a typo, Thai people went to visit king Louis XIV in Versailles… Tiles and mosaics were influenced when one of the former kings of Thailand visited Europe… The architecture of the structures are still uniquely Thai only some datails such as the mosaics and tiles (used for decorations) were influenced by Europe particularly France and Itally… If the Royal Palace of Ayutthaya survived the Burmese attack it's what purely Thai structures would look like… It still looks similar to the Grand Palace in Bangkok minus the mosaics, glass and tiles.

  16. Giuseppe Zannier

    Hey guy!! You have inspired me! I just finished to organize my Thay honeymoon while watching your video…let me say You have a talent! You're videos looks really cool and professional! Great job!

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