Beautiful Day in Lisbon!

Lisbon ended up being a gorgeous city that I wished I had booked more time in! It’s a beautiful city that I will certainly be visiting again soon.

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8 Replies to “Beautiful Day in Lisbon!”

  1. ErickVOnUTube

    You get all the beautiful views. I Travel more of your style, then FunForLouis. I do like a few activities he does, like bike ride, cable car ride, boat ride. I am not a diver, so underwater ocean shots unless someone from the boat let me borrow their clips or dip the camera stick as far as I can.

  2. Jess Moccelini

    Lisbon is INCREADIBLE! It's an amazing city. So beautiful and the views… Lovely! I know some places and I can say that I like the way I feel here in Lisbon. Until now, is my favorite place in the world.

  3. Nuno Correia

    you didnt find the castle. that was the cathedral and the ruins of the roman theatre. The entry of the castle was 1km up.

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