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How to act your age 101 by Sorelle Amore.

Thank you to all those super concerned with my life and how I live it for writing comments to me saying I should ‘grow up’ and ‘act my age’.

Viola…I have done so here.

Enjoy. Your comments are always highly appreciated.

Muchios lovos to you allio,

Sorelle Amore

PS. I just started Patreon! I’m a little player in this big world and keep my ass afloat by contributing to my work and letting me continue making videos until I fiiiinally start getting paid for it. Yay!


Thank you!!!



Until tomorrow!


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32 Replies to “HOW TO ACT YOUR AGE”

  1. Ana Santiago

    Why didn't i discovered u on April 3rd(my 27th bday)? I was so upset because I don't "act my age". I finished my masters last Friday, I traveled all around Europe last summer… I wish to dedicate myself to traveling, and now, since I found ur channel, I wish to learn photography and blog about my experiences. You are amazing and inspiring. Keep it up 🙂 ❤️

  2. Your Majesty

    I have never fit into the typical "act my age" category. But I think I don't fit in with most basic people.
    People are uncomfortable with things and people who are not like them.
    Except artists and fellow odd people who absolutely LOVE things and people not like them.
    Don't worry, you're just not basic.

  3. Chloe Neffers

    Love your personality ❤ great video. As a 25 year old myself, I've been thinking about this topic myself. I'm coming to the same conclusion: screw social construct. It's people like us who are shaking up the older generation. Ps why did you shave your head? I also did it a couple years ago just for fun and it was legit one of the best things I have ever done. Made me realize if you just do your own thing most people will respect that. And for the rest, well they will judge you shaven head or not so might as well do what makes you happy. Happy I recently came across your channel. Much love ❤

  4. Silvio Lione

    Great video Sorelle! Good job! I started skateboarding (longboard dancing) last year for the first time in my life. I’m 54 and I feel 20 something. People say good for you but the look on their face says. “You should act your age” (especially when I fall hahaahah)! Loving life!

  5. Khadeejah Raja

    Don't ever act your age – you are perfect the way you are. Two bits from a 52 year old who has never acted her age, and so does not look her age…and has done more then most people can dream of…because of not acting her age. xo

  6. MissTickle East

    Hahaha. My head nearly exploded with the average things. I’m 50 and haven’t done most of them. TFFT 😂

  7. lightly lumay

    I'm commenting years after, but… I do not understand these ridiculous constraints around age: Act your age! Dress your age!

    Why do people care about what other people are doing and/or wearing? Not everyone wants to travel the world, and not everyone wants two kids and a mortgage. I think that you have a cool (and enviable) job, and you have a really vibrant and kooky personality that engages and touches many people. Then again, who cares what I think?! 🙂

    I was giggling at the outro video because it hit rather close to home for me now that I have settled into a boring cubicle job after having a more unconventional life in my 20s and 30s.

  8. Ari Wanders

    Sounds like you killed year 27! Rockin it! I am 25 and starting a truly nomadic life now. I don't want to be you when I am older but I do want to be as bold, confident, warm-hearted​, and positively influential. Thanks for being a stunning inspiration!!

  9. Exodia Blackrum

    6:30 So stressed from the daily life of mundane work you instantly go bald. Comedic gold at its relatable! 🥃😸✌️

  10. Ylime Sniven

    My dad and my little sister keep telling me to act my age since I was 16 now I'm 19. You made you've made me feel better, thank you +1 sub ^^

  11. Pragati Priya

    You are inspiring me so frigging much. Its like i have found my icon😂. Damn i have got no words. Just i wanna put it out here that the extent to which you are inspiring me to be so unapologeticaly myself is huge. I am learning from you, so, thankyou.
    P.s. your laugh is beyond beautiful 😂

  12. Renan Santos

    Act like your age or act like their frustrations? You are an amazing woman Sorrel. I m gay and few guys said that I m not straight acting. When you have to act to live , is not really living isn’t it?

  13. Jsisndi0k Jdodmdodmod

    You're a very awesome woman!!! Please be yourself we LOVE you!!! And your smile is the most brightest smile in the world😍😍

  14. Gaia Myaphoenix

    Fuck yes, I'm doing the same as you, and a big fuck off to all the people are judging my choices! 😁

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