Do NOT Ride This INDIAN BUS… | Jodhpur to Udaipur

We rode a bus in India… it was one of the roughest experiences we’ve had.

Traveling by bus in India was an interesting adventure! We thought taking a bus from Jodhpur to Udaipur was the best choice of transportation. This bus ride in India was our first and only bus travel in India. The bus ride felt very safe and we met many friendly Indians. You will have to watch the vlog to see our reactions to traveling by bus! // Travel Vlog #71 // Jodhpur, India to Udaipur, India


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Hi! We’re Hannah and Chad! We met at college and got married in August of 2016. As poor newlyweds and recent college grads, we moved to New York City to begin what we thought would be our long careers in finance. Only one year later, after accumulating over 2 million miles and points through “travel hacking”, we booked round-the-world business class tickets to over 40 countries for free. We quit our jobs, sold everything we owned, and began this once-in-a-lifetime adventure on August 27, 2018. Chad has always loved creating home videos to hold onto the memories we share while traveling, so we started this YouTube channel as a place to share our adventures with friends and family. We hope you’ll join our journey to exciting countries and experiences around the world!

We draw inspiration from several related channels the Bucket List Family, Kara and Nate, Lost Leblanc, Flying the Nest, the Endless Adventure, and BuzzFeedVideo.

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22 Replies to “Do NOT Ride This INDIAN BUS… | Jodhpur to Udaipur”

  1. Hannah and Chad

    We decided to try riding a bus in India! If you watched this whole video, are there better options between Jodhpur and Udaipur? We've since recovered from the ride and are excited to share our first class overnight train experience soon 🙌🏼 much more enjoyable!

  2. ramu pitla

    They don't know much about India.. I think…they are first time in india
    It's typical Indian.. bus..ride

  3. Rupendra Nr Chaudhary

    For train/air/bus booking use Paytm app better than Redbus. You may use Ola Cabs for intercity travel Rs.9/km(T&Cs apply).

  4. Uday Rathod

    Why all the back seat of bus are sold to Foreigners in Jodhpur trips only, first Mr Bald and now them………

  5. Akash Mazumder

    One thing's for sure that Indian drivers are nuts because there's a lot of competition going on to get to the next bus stop as sooner as possible.

  6. Antonio Cillis

    Hi H&C, I hope you enjoyed your trip to India. It seems that I will do a part of your very same itinerary next month, bus ride on Charu Travels included. I have got some questions for you, I hope you could help me.

    1) Did you get the 6 p.m. bus? If yes, where did you board on? I saw a frame where show you the travel agency shop, hence I can assume that you board on 12Th Residency street.

    2) Where were you supposed to board in the first place? Paota Circle Stop, near the old city? Since I found very little information, I would very thankful if you could give some more details. The travel agency whenever contacted, either email or facebook, always tells to phone its Indian number.

    3) If needed, are they easy to reach through a phone call?

    Thank you, and have a pleasant stay in your next countries.
    Cheers from South Italy.

    P.s.: thank you for your ideas, I will take some inspiration from you 😉

  7. Nabeela Jamal

    protip: never take back seats in indian bus lol, that's the most bumpy and jerky spot.

    take about 1-3 row from the front door

  8. Nabeela Jamal

    also I'm Indian and even i get motion sick in busses and cars in India, i always take vomit pills b4.


    I guess you guys had an amazing ride, but to make it better please do check options involving Volvo, Bharat Benz,Mercedes Benz or Scania buses, because these are the best ones to travel on "Indian Roads"

  10. Ashish y

    Never opt for back seats ,it's always bumpy .. no Indian opts for it willingly, only the late tickets booking people who have no other option take it.

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