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Our minimalist apartment was put together very quickly, on a shoestring budget, and with the incredible help and generosity of our family and friends (thank you so much to everyone who helped us!).

Our dear friend Alex had been battling cancer for over 2 years when we decided it was time for us to settle down for the winter and spend some time with him.

We found this lease takeover for 5 months with the option to stay longer if we wanted. It’s a spacious 1-bedroom apartment with huge windows and we absolutely love it.

All of the furniture in our apartment is second hand, from the couches to the dining room table, futon bed frame, and our little shelving unit. We also borrowed and bought dishes, pots and pans, cutlery, etc.

It’s been awhile since we had our own space, so we had fun making it our own with paintings and little touches of our favourite things, like my great grandmother’s blanket on the back of the couch.

We were also very aware that we wanted to have a simple space that didn’t have too much clutter in it. Especially since we knew we’d be moving out 6 months later.

We’ve had a great time living in this spacious, simple space. It’s been a big change from spending time in our van, and from house sitting for other people. But in one month we’ll be moving out and preparing to convert a new van, so we’ll be starting a new chapter of our minimalist journey.

Our friend Alex passed away a couple of months ago, and it’s been one of the toughest times for us. We feel so grateful to have had the option to move close to him and have some good moments with him before he left us. Rest in peace, Alex. We miss you every day!

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Mat & Danielle


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43 Replies to “Our Minimalist Apartment Tour – Comfortable Minimalism”

  1. jayathome

    ok, so you went there, and mentioned knitting!! Here's my dilemma–how do you do some serious knitting, volume and challenging, without accumulating "stuff", needles, buttons, measuring tapes, sock blockers…and we haven't even mentioned yarn stash. So I don't have a STABLE (stash beyond life expectancy) but I do have probably 20-30 small to medium project amounts of yarn. That said I also knit 28 hats and 5 baby blankets between October and Xmas for friends and charity. How do minimalists not accumulate the "stuff" they create, because you don't want to give away every project you make? Could you PLEASE do a video on containing creative supplies, like knitting, art etc. I'm sticking just to knitting because any new hobbies could hoard out my space! lol

  2. Stefanie

    I follow you guys since the really beginning of your journey 🙂 and I love you since this time! Thanks a lot for inspiring me so many times! Best wishes from Austria und keep it up, Stef 🙂

  3. Emma Yeager

    I love how 'real' you are. It's encouraging to hear, as someone on the path, that minimalism isn't a static, one and done thing, that you're always working on it 🙂

  4. Drifting Dwarf

    You know what made me loved your content for years? Because they're simple, lighthearted, and genuine. They're very personal and so they're very informative and inspiring. Thank you for doing what you're doing. Wishing you both more love and adventures. 🙂

  5. Ahsana Idris

    It's nice. Usually minimal apartments are so tiny that I often wonder how people breath in them. It's perfect as it's well managed. Not boring and not conjusted at all. The only things that I'll look in my future home (that I'm looking to buy in a couple of years) will be either a lot of widows or a couple of huge widows and less furniture.

  6. Sheryl Johnson

    I am a reader and accumulate books faster than I can read. And my tastes in subjects, genre, changes quickly. I bought a Kindle reader (the kind that is JUST a reader..not email, games, etc.) so I can "store" books until I can read them and still have a library to choose from when I am ready for a new book. The kindle can hold around 2000 books or so. I dont have anywhere near that many but its nice in that it also can hold cookbooks and manuals for my computer, sewing machine, etc. I personally don't care for Audible books, but my Kindle does have that feature, so I could. All that in one small, slim volume. I can even borrow books, so they don't have to purchased and most I can share with others who have a reader!

  7. yesiownfrodo

    I'm glad you had time to spend with your friend. I just want to say that minimalism doesn't have to be ugly. I don't think that this looks like a home where people are happy. It looks unloved. There's nothing wrong with owning something you love, such as books, if that gives you joy. It's all the things that don't give us joy that need to go. I wish I could post pictures here, but there's no way to do that. I wish you much joy.

  8. Mulan 121

    Thank you for showing your donation pile. I feel like i constantly have a massive donation pile in my home, even though I try to get rid of it every month at least. It’s nice to see I’m not the only one.

  9. Weronika Niemczewska

    What a lovely video! I really like your approach to minimalism, low waste and life in general. Your apartement is really nice, I love the light and open space. And your appreciation for running water and other things that people take for granted is amazing! Thank you for not only this video, but for the whole channel!

  10. Esther Gerlitz

    I don't understand why minimalism is so against things that are undeeded but appreciated. Like art on the walls or comfy pillows and blankets. We do not need bedframes, art, shelves, etc but it is nice to have.

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