Hoi An Vietnam

If you want to see how to spend a lazy day in Hoi An, you’ve stumbled across the right vlog. The morning started with a trip to our favorite coffee shop to get the worlds best chocolate croissant. Then we continued on to the Cocobox for iced mochas.

After napping away most of the afternoon we emerged from our room ready to explore Hoi An’s night market. We ended the night with an amazing bowl of chicken pho at the Hoi An Roastery.

***Vlog 88 of Many***

Tunes by Joey Pecoraro: The Third Man

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21 Replies to “Hoi An Vietnam”

  1. indonesianprincess

    Did you guys have any problems with mosquitos in Vietnam? i am going in a month and my family is making me worry about zika lol i am a mosquito magnet so i an a lil worried now haha

  2. Journey and Explore

    Was there last night and they still haven't sorted out the entry charge. A few people would get stopped and asked here and there. Honestly, I don't understand what the fee is even for

  3. Yasmine DJOUDI

    Love your vlogs you two are very cute together. If I may say something (sorry, I'm french so I couldn't resist), it's wrong to call it a Chocolate Croissant. The croissant has been named like that because of its crescent shape, like the moon. Croissant is the french word for crescent. As you can see, “chocolate croissants“ don't have this shape so they shouldn't be called croissants. In french we say “Pains au chocolat“ which translates into chocolate bread. Haha sorry for the lecture, I just couldn't help it as a french person. Keep up the good vlogs! By the way I chose signature cruise thanks to you guys!

  4. FireCracker3240

    Awwww, Kara… you know, I can't think of much worse than being sick when you're away from home/travelling. When I'm sick, all I want is my own bed in my own place. The familiarity is so comforting.

    In all the month's you'd been traveling, this was the first time either one of you had really been sick. That was a pretty good track record.

  5. aka.charlee

    Wow…cool stamp!!…man sucks to be sick out of country…I know your better, it's been 2 years :0) y'all are always in prayers for safe travels…BIG HUGS FROM IDAHO

  6. Emma Forsythe

    I mean, your stamp in Hanoi was SUPER simple compared to this one so I guess I'd expect it to be more?

  7. TheTravelingDukes

    We just moved to Hoi An, loving it so far after three weeks. you can check out our experiences on our channel TheTravelingDukes

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