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What you need to know about bringing electronic and electrical devices traveling around the world and into different countries.

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  1. Larry Bothe

    Although my international traveling days are over I found this video to be VERY helpful for travel newbies!! I shot video documentaries in Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia. I carried country-specific adapters and converters wherever I went and tried to use battery power whenever possible. You are absolutely correct to check each device to determine what is safe. It is rare to see travel vloggers share this important technical info.Thnx Nadine!

  2. Peyton Wetzel

    I didn't expect to learn anything new from this video, but I did! Had no idea there was a difference between /dual voltage and -voltage range

  3. Larry Bothe

    Can you add a link to a handy chart/info graphic showing what plug type is used where with what voltage??

  4. CC Xiong

    One of the all-time most USEFUL travel videos! Thank you! Excellent job explaining & demonstrating in a clear & concise manner.

  5. michelas96

    Girl! Where did you get that denim jacket? It looks so good!😍
    Also, great video, it's always so confusing to plan around electronics when traveling 😩

  6. uknownalias

    Not being funny, but, there is nothing I need to know about bringing electrical devices to other countries. I'm not stupid.

  7. cndbrfld

    This is always something that I feel no one covers and is always confusing (to me at least). Thank you for doing such a good job explaining!!

  8. Andrea Haley

    This was so practical and helpful! Thank you! Videos like this are what initially brought me to your channel!

  9. Abby Cirkles

    These videos are SO helpful! I'd love a video on jetlag. Any tips or tricks to beat the dreaded drowsiness?

  10. Where Is Mirna

    I loooooooved this video.. I'm a VERY frequent traveller and how now idea about this.. we did cause a mini fire in italy last year with a flat iron, but had no idea why it happened. besides that, i never had other issues. but now ill be sure to check my devices for sure! Thanks Nadine!

  11. Stephie Grennell

    I’m traveling to Europe in the summer and I’m only taking a carry on. I know that I’m going to end up buying something I won’t be able to take on the plane. Could you do a video about shipping stuff home and how to check to see if what kind of things can be shipped?
    (If I can find one, I think I might buy my husband a sword. It’s silly but we thought it would be fun.) 😆 thanks so much!

  12. Sarah-Jessica Bergeron

    @HeyNadine 🙂 Do you think you could do a video about airport rules and just break down for us what exactly you can and can't bring, how big can your carry-on bag be, how many luggage are you allowed to bring on the plane with you, and so on?

  13. Ana Alejandra Cortazar

    Wow I had no idea to even think about this! I’m going to study abroad in the summer can you do a video on what you took that you didn’t need to use or something that you felt you needed from the states that you didn’t take on your trip to study abroad? Guidelines on how to live outside your comfort zone so far I want to pack my whole room and bathroom with me lol

  14. Giedre

    Hi guys!
    I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of International Tourism Management at University of Brighton and I would like to ask you to help me with my research about the influence of YouTube travel vloggers on people’s destination choice. The participation in the survey is voluntary and should take around 3- 5 minutes. The survey is aimed at people who follow travel vloggers and are over 18. Here is the survey link:
    Thank you for your time,

  15. The Wandering Wife

    I always try to buy international hair appliances so they’re good for all my travels. I just search amazon to find them.

  16. La Vida As Arikat B

    I felt like I was watching some Rubix cube solving video lol. Great video. This was very intense for me lol.

  17. Raena V

    So glad that u talked about this! I couldn’t find info for this anywhere! Especially about the wattage!! Thank you!!!!!!!! So helpful

  18. Lava Yuki

    I'm from the UK where our voltage is 220 and brought my hair dryer to Japan only for it to run so slow it took me 40 mins to dry my hair. i have multi adaptor, but all of my devices are multi voltage except my hair dryer.


    Excellent video.I liked seeing it.
    Carry on please.subbed you.
    I would be glad about it when you support me too 🙏 😊 ❤&✌

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