Most Amazing School Bus Tiny House Conversion on a Budget – Full Tour

Full tour of an epic DIY skoolie conversion! Jacob & Tessa from The Free to Wander Bus ( built this tiny school bus mobile home using mostly reclaimed and second hand materials. They completed the project, (including the cost of the conversion, the bus, new tires, and mechanical repairs to get it road worthy) for under $12,000 CAD!

Their goal is to travel from Coast to Coast in their school bus home, and so far they drove from Quebec to BC in it last summer, and this summer they’ll be touring the East Coast and spending time exploring in Newfoundland.

If you want to follow their adventures, you can check them out on Instagram here:

The bus has a cozy seating area, a dining area with stools under the counter, a spacious kitchen with lots of counter space, storage over the wheel wells, 2 large closets, and a double bed in the back.

They have a 12-volt pump for their sink, a wood stove for heat, and they use public bathrooms/campgrounds for toilets and showers.

Tessa also has a handmade goods shop, and a second hand clothing shop that you can follow here:

The couple bought their bus from Micro Bird in Drummondville. Their website is here if you’re looking for a used school bus:

If you’re interested in their mini wood stove, it’s made by Cubic Mini in Montreal:

Last but not least, if you’re interested in the stainless steel water containers from Life Without Plastic, you can get them here:

Thanks for watching!

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33 Replies to “Most Amazing School Bus Tiny House Conversion on a Budget – Full Tour”

  1. Jaslavie

    Ok, everything is good and all but no bathroom? Not very functional if you ask me. I wouldn't want to bathe in a spring or have to spend the time to set up the porta potty when I really had to go. Wouldn't live here

  2. momoparagon

    If it works for them then that's lovely, but I personally don't understand not having a bathroom. Why, in such a large space, would you not dedicate some area for at least a toilet? I see people address 'emergencies', but I wonder what this means. The average person urinates between 5-8 times in a 24 hour period…that seems an excessive amount of times to be seeking out an alternative bathroom.

  3. Peter Piper

    It's ridiculous that you don't have a shower in the bus. It's okay to mooch once in a while, but not when you could easily put a shower in the bus. I have a van and I have a shower in it. I would never be without a shower and a toilet in my van.

  4. abearz

    I think all of the confusion would be cleared if everyone realizes that this bus is not a tiny home, it's a camper. These people only travel in the summer. Nobody in their right mind would go off-grid in this thing during a Canada winter. I'm curious about what's behind the curtain, though. Surely whatever they're hiding behind that is what funded this bus. There's no way she makes enough money selling homemade goods at craft fairs.

  5. Debbie Wilson

    im sorry but after watching this a second time, this bus is not lived in.the fire that is so ideal is not in working order and not flued outside , the water containers they fill at springs along the way holding only a small amount of water are a total waste of time…..what is this ? is it a promo of what you would like to do? dream dream dream….

  6. collene heeg

    im im 65 and get such a giggle at the hipsters ….just like we hippys and our way of thinking at their age,,,We was lucky to be able to hitch hike all over …hipsters and old hippy boomers are so much alike,,,,,,peace

  7. Collieco Form

    Nice build but really just for vacations, not practical for living. Water is a problem. At least get a Burke. There is not always a clear, uncontaminated, fast running stream at your disposal. No refrigerator. Assume they have a cooking source but didn't sound like it. No insulation. No bathroom. In vans it is hard to fit in but many still manage. In a bus you have the room, If you are going to actually live in it year round you need these things. Insulation for both summer and winter. I didn't see any lights, I guess the are using candle power or lanterns but if she brought her business on the road assume they have computers, cell phones so must have some means of charging. Maybe the video is just not that thorough. Really nice conversion but just misses on too many things.

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