Hanging Out with Koalas, Kangaroos & More // Australia

When headed to a koala sanctuary to go hug some koalas, naturally I expected extreme overdoses of cuteness and a great time. But I had an even better time than I expected! Koalas, kangaroos, dingos, snakes, emus and more…
It’s great to get to see these adorable and beautiful animals up close. Definitely recommended if you’re in Brisbane!

location – Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, Australia

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25 Replies to “Hanging Out with Koalas, Kangaroos & More // Australia”

  1. Wong Sifu

    Do koalas like to be hugged by humans ? Maybe he was like who's that bitch putting her hands all over me while all I wanted is to be left alone on my tree ?

  2. Eloy Antonio roa sanchez

    Jordan, the Alice in wonderland, there are is a nature exotic life preserve some 20 miles from Mexico City. It has 300 exotic animals (white and brown lions, regular color leopards and jaguars, also black leopards and black jaguars, bengle tigers and white tigers, cougars). The biggest nature exotic life preserve on the planet.
    The difference between other life preserves on the planet and this particular one is that you can mingle inside of their living area with the exotic life, pet them and even hand fee them as long as you are at all times with Eduardo Serio, the owner and care taker.
    You can google "the black jaguar white tiger foundation " or just google Eduardo Serio.
    This seems to be risky but it is not at all. Just to prove my case, google "Kevin Richardson " or the "lion whisper " he is the best in the world when it comes to lions (he is part of a fully grown lion pride, the lions kiss him, leak his face and neck, wrestler on the ground with Kevin, throw their bodies at him).
    The lion whisper (Kevin Richardson ) got a 2000 plus acres exotic life preserve in Johannesburg, Africa (like Eduardo Serio, Kevin will let you film inside of the animals living area). The only difference is that Kevin will not let you pet his lions.
    ###The key to bonding with man eater predators###( unselfishly Love, respect, trust, affection, communication, caring, companionship, honesty, integrity ,play, tolerance and patience ).
    A)Communication (listening and find tuning one's natural inner instincts to feel and know through body language when the lion or tiger wants to keep its natural boundaries )
    B)Caring (feeding, keeping their drinking water super clean, gently cleaning and removing the wax inside of their ears, cleaning after them, using a horse brush to massage their bodies ).
    C)Play(they are physically powerful, they will knock you down to the ground, laying their bodies flat on top of your body, their claws will be fully retracted, you will not see them or feel them, their teeths got the power to crush your bones but they will grab you with their mouth very gently, )
    D) Tolerance and patience (one can play with them but one can never tame them, they got a true and true wild instincts, so is paramount for safety reasons not to be afraid at all of them, not to show distrust at all, not negative vibes, feelings of insecurity, feelings of feeling unsafe, not to lose your patience and overall not to lose your cool, the big cats will pick on that very quickly, altering their moods in a negative way.
    Strong smells like perfumes are not recommended when it comes to pet and play with them.
    #Very important if you are a woman and you are in your period definitely do not come close to the big males wild cats like petting and playing )
    I grew up around tigers, leopards, jaguars and lions and some elephants.
    There was tippy, the little girl in Africa who grew up similar to me. Giant 6 ton elephants will lower themselves to the ground and tippy will climb up through their truncks on top of them behind their ears and these behamaths would stand up so slow, letting tippy ride them to their water holes, they will pick water with their truncks, throwing backets of water to the little tippy . Then, they will come down to the ground so tippy will come down through their truncks safely.
    But tippy bonded not only with elephants but with lions, tigers and jaguars naturally and instinctly using the bonding key described aboved.
    Jordan should you decide to take on this exotic adventure to film big cats, Eduardo Serio will pick you up in Mexico City, letting you stay on his exotic life preserve over night.
    Kevin Richardson also will pick up in Johannesburg, Africa but I am not sure of overnight stay.
    At Eduardo Serio's and Kevin Richardson's life preserve "flip flops " are not allowed:)
    Antonio, the 18 wheeler

  3. Eloy Antonio roa sanchez

    1) all the suggestions about "The black jaguar and the white tiger foundation " or "Eduardo Serio "
    2)"Kevin Richardson " or "the lion whisper " are found on "utube " and not in Google.
    3) wrong spelling is "tippi" and not tippy . This amazing a little girl is also found on utube.
    #) utube, childs amazing connection to wild animals (that is the film with tippi riding wild elephants )
    Antonio, the 18 wheeler

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