WEIRD! SUN WORLD DANANG WONDERS 🎢 ASIA PARK | Sun Wheel Danang | Vietnam Travel Vlog 075, 2017

Asia Park, now Sun World Danang Wonders in 2017, is a Vietnam theme park with a massive Sun Wheel in the middle of Danang. The Sunwheel is the park icon because its visible from all around the city and one of the largest in a theme park in Asia.

Sun World Danang Wonders, aka Asia Park, was pretty cool but so incredibly empty! Da Nang is a busy place to travel, as with most of Vietnam, then there is this empty park in the middle of the city and its all a bit strange!

In this vlog we made the trip up from Hoi An to spend the evening at Asia Park đà nẵng and ride the sunwheel before trying the best burgers we’ve had in a loooong time!
công viên châu á đà nẵng

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DJ Quads – Happy Feeling

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36 Replies to “WEIRD! SUN WORLD DANANG WONDERS 🎢 ASIA PARK | Sun Wheel Danang | Vietnam Travel Vlog 075, 2017”

  1. Made In Aotearoa NZ

    👻👽👾🤖 I'm still a big kid too 😂 That reminded me of the Mickey Wheel, with views like the Highroller in Vegas. That party ship like the old pirate ship at Rainbows End? lol #VegasStrong Coolness👌👌

  2. Adam Raymond

    it's an episode of Scooby Doo….the haunted vietnamese amusement park. The performers are ghosts 😛

  3. andy stubbs

    hi guys,,,this is on my "to do list"maybe go on a Friday night I,m thinking,,more people I guess,,but better then going when its a ghost town hehe,

  4. Daniel Niblett

    Mate that park looked proper weird, creepy as but it made for some good entertainment. Once again I think you both nailed the vlogging, its just so natural and interesting, keep it up! That ride you had to clip yourself made me laugh, so dodgy.

  5. b n

    I wish Disneyland is that empty so that i could enjoy all my rides without waiting for 3hours just for a freakin' ride.

  6. Young Tang

    Enjoy while it lasts, folks. It’ll be abandoned soon, because 80% of the Vietnamese makes less than $10/day.

  7. Tracey Tang

    The arcade was definitely the highlight of Asia Park but I didn't get to see that room with heaps of balls 😪 There's a burger at "The Waterfront Restaurant" in Da Nang (there's only 1 burger on the menu) and it was easily one of the best burgers I've had in my life.. and trust me I've had a fair few 😂 Add a fried egg to the burger (if you're into that)! It was so good I had it 3 days in a row.. no shame 😂😂 They've got a large bar area with a decent view of the river and they're also highly rated on TripAdvisor.. Defo not sponsored but I highly recommend it!

  8. Two Broskis

    Great episode again! We're deciding on whether we'll go vlog in Thailand or Vietnam next month. Really difficult choice 🙄

  9. Dương Minh

    take it easy, Danang city only nearly 2 million people, there are already ton of nice places, hotels in beach, , malls and shopping mall to have fun , So it will be less tourist here, also you visit on weekdays, try again in Weekends night or festival days to see how crowd it is

  10. Happy & Homeless

    That park looks like so much fun! Coming from Orlando and having worked in the industry a park with no queues is a dream come true. Also, now I want a burger!

  11. DearJRenae

    😂😂😂😂 That park is eerie AF!!!! How long do you recommend living in Denang/Hoi An? I love CM but I overstayed here & now I'm ready to leave.

  12. Tuan Le

    It is crowed during Summer time and holidays but it is little pricey for locals to go here. Mostlly for tourists. Enjoy your blog very much and also Curious Georgia . Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  13. leila hellier

    Dane you look like you were about to burst with fun and excitement those Roller-coasters look e like great fun if I were there I would be on it like a bonnet man, there is a theme park here in the UK called Alton towers that cost about 340 to get in. 1st class burgers too

  14. leila hellier

    Alton towers £40 to get in. slip of the finger when typing see ya soon guys look forward to the next vlog your my favourites

  15. Leah Collard

    hey just stumbled across this vlog as I'm off to vietnam in 6 weeks, and i freakin loved it! just one thing. that do do do doooo music has to either go not be played so much. btw how much longer are you in vietnam for?

  16. Pocket Trailblazer

    That park looks so much fun with no one there! so weird! 😉 Totally gonna check out that burger place when I am next in Danang!

  17. Norm P

    Glad you guys got to Burger Bros. Best burgers I have ever had.
    We didn’t go to the amusement park, not our thing. But all the videos we have ever seen are same…no people.
    Probably too expensive for locals and most tourists in danang aren’t there for the park.

  18. Here,s Harv

    1 month late, but had to comment that I would have been sick if I was on those rides. Another good vlog. I won't comment on all your vlogs . As i know you are still one of a handful of good vlogers that take the time to reply.I think you are busy enuff. But I am going to watch them all 🙂

  19. nzchrisgirl

    Rob and I went over to Legoland in Malaysia for the day and it was right after school holidays and just before peak tourist season. We had the run of the park basically to ourselves. It is totally the weirdest feeling ever.

  20. Banner Traveller

    New subscriber here. You guys are just having too much fun. Perfect couple. Stay safe out there. Keep the vids coming.

  21. gaz91au

    This video brings back so many memories, thank you for all the vietnam videos you have done, i very much appreciate it 🙂

  22. Fiona Nguyen

    Hi. I am from Vietnam. I have been to Asia Park. But I have not been on the thrillest rides over there. Just some small thrill ride. I am going over there again on February, 2018. Hope you enjoy it.

  23. Vidya Nair

    You coulda told us that they shut the place down just for you guys and we wouldn’t have known the difference haha!

    Also, I spotted a Merlion. Yay!

    (I’m Singaporean. …and we love our weird water spewing lion-fish thing)

    I totally see why it was called Asia theme Park.

  24. Aero

    Okay wth. Danegar and Stacey, I've just come back to NZ from Vietnam and I went there as well, still completely empty. I don't understand why? Just found your video there now haha.

  25. Duyen Ha

    I’ve been on all the rides there but the queen cobra still scare the crap out of me but I still wanna go again:)

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