Top Travel Destinations of 2018: SWEDEN! A list of why West Sweden is one of my top travel destinations! Where to travel in this amazing country

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BOATHOUSE INN: Everts Sjöbod in Grebbestad

CRAYFISH SAFARI: Smögen with Smögens fiske & Skärgårdsturer


Visit West Sweden

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018

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20 Replies to “TOP TRAVEL DESTINATIONS of 2018: SWEDEN!”

  1. Erik Conover

    FINAL video in the Sweden travel series! A list of why Sweden is one of my top travel destinations of 2018. The next travel series will be from New York City!

  2. Tess Molin Lippert

    Okay so after seeing this I really started appreciating where I live! Like yeah you know it’s “beautiful” but damn this part of the world is amazing! Tomorrow I am just going to spend as much of the day I can outside by the sea!

    As we say here in Sweden; west coast, best coast 🇸🇪🌊

  3. Petter !

    The Stockholm Archipelago on the east coast have about 24000 islands and the island have more trees than on the west coast

  4. Owen Murphy

    Just been to Stockholm, my god it's completely taken over with Migrants, first time here in 10 years and what a difference it is, won't be rushing back

  5. Linus Eklund Adolphson

    One thing you’ve apparently missed out on so far is oyster diving in Smögen. Smögen had the fortune to be infected with oysters of the Belon strand and sinec they’re not actually from Belon they don’t meet the requirements for the Belon brand name. But the oyster don’t care. They just sit there and wait for you to come snorkeling down and harvest some of the world’s most delicious oysters by hand. And they’re free! Since they can’t be marketed as Belon oysters they’re not being avtively cultured and harvested ny the fishing industry. Bring champagne, glasses and a proper knife, then find a spot with sandy bottom, like where you’d like to go for a swim. Set the champagne to chill in the water, put on your snorkeling gear and then dive down some ten to twelve feet, pick a few (they’re almost entirely circular and rather flat) and enjoy them fresh with just a squeeze of lemon right there and a glass of bubbly right there on the spot.

  6. Atuka

    Hi erick!❤️how are you?❤️❤️omg this vlog is amazing❤️sweden is so nice😊sea is so long and blue❤️😊the houses are small and white ❤️😊bike is good💟buildings is nace❤️small river and home❤️boats good❤️fishing l like 😆❤️ Sunset is beautiful❤️😆700 good job❤️coffe☕️ Ocean is long and boat l love😩❤️l want there😂❤️😩in my Country is winter and l want summer💟😊jump😂mountine😂lunch😂dance❤️city is cool😇
    Always l have one Question❤️
    What is your favourute Country?❤️💓

  7. Nani Shengelia

    Wow this place is very beautiful. I like your videos they are interesting and funny. I love travelling and see beautiful places and I that think this place is very good .I hope you enjoy. What was the best place?

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