Winter Van Life – Couple Living in a Camper Van While Running a Business

Eamon and Bec are a couple of Toronto-based entrepreneurs who live full-time in their DIY camper van conversion to save money and travel while they run their business, Chai Wala (

When we asked them why they chose van life, they said it was partly because the internet makes it possible to work from anywhere, partly because of inflated real estate prices in Toronto, and also because they love adventure and don’t want to be tied down.

Eamon converted a 2008 Dodge Sprinter van in just under a month. They have a beautiful and functional kitchen complete with a Vita Mix blender, small fridge, and propane cooktop. They’ve got a couch that converts into a bed at night, and also provides storage for their tea deliveries.

The passenger swivel seat is key, they said. It really opens up the space and makes it easier for them to have visitors in the van.

They don’t have a toilet or shower but they do have a gym membership so they can use the shower and toilet facilities there every day. They also have a warehouse for their company where they can park and plug into power if their solar panel isn’t charging their batteries enough.

For heat they’ve got a diesel heater complete with a programmable thermostat so they can leave it running even when they’re not in the van so their water system doesn’t freeze.

Eamon and Bec have a great channel on YouTube with videos about their build, and super fun vanlife vlogs that share a lot of delicious cooking so be prepared – they’ll make you hungry! You can also follow them on Instagram, and Facebook.

Their company is called Chai Wala and we can confirm that their homemade chai tea blend is delicious!! Check it out here:

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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47 Replies to “Winter Van Life – Couple Living in a Camper Van While Running a Business”

  1. Randyl J

    I love your van design. I'm interested in doing something like this and downsizing from my older Class motor home. I need ideas on finding a best "Van Builder" and especially comparing vans. I definitely lean towards a midsize rather than extra long.

  2. Alison Shanahan

    So happy to see you doing so well with your chai business. A true benefit of traveling when you are young. I encourage my kids to travel, my eldest has been to 21 countries and she's 23. She began at 18. We are Australian, so travel is pretty common!

  3. lenny108

    great accomplishment to make a van fit for Canadian winter season. From my experience when living and traveling in a van, you unfold formerly unknown power when doing a business out of your van. Even simple stuff like setting up a table in shopping malls and selling kitchen utensil, basketwork, Hongkong paintings, smart tools from the novelties fair, turns out great. Unimaginable for people who live in an apartment.

  4. Ben M

    I'm glad you are also being productive while you are keeping bills low. I just don't understand the slacklife side of vanlife videos. Good for you guys!

  5. tyler durden

    I figured it out, VAN life is like apple products vs android products.

    The Van is the iphone, the android the more practical already built out generally cheaper RV.

  6. Lyn

    Thanks for sharing. I guess my enjoyment is watching others enjoy this kind of life while I enjoy mine. I'm too Texan for that cold and am bonded with my plumbing (unhappy without it)

  7. Candice McManaway

    Random genius idea! There should be a reality tv show for “van life “ they could follow a few van lifers or small houses that are on the road and I bet it would be so goood! I love watching all the YouTube videos myself

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