BANGKOK’S BEST FOOD – Restaurant & Street Food Guide

Wondering where to eat in Bangkok Thailand in 2018? This is an in depth culinary tour to Bangkok. I created this food guide to help you find Bangkok’s best food and best restaurants in 2018. From Thai street food, 5 star insect dinning, Bangkok’s best mango sticky rice and so much more, this will show you some of Thailand’s best food.

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48 Replies to “BANGKOK’S BEST FOOD – Restaurant & Street Food Guide”

  1. รจนา สมงาม

    ดีใจจัง อาหารไทย สู้ อาหารขยะได้แล้ว

  2. Jason Tom

    I love Thailand so much,it’s a great video to tell us more information. I‘ll go back there soon. Thumbs up 👍 for sharing an awesome video. Thank a lot,guys.

  3. Acy Pw

    At 9:46 maybe you already knew.
    The meaning what she said is 'Take your time' (With thai central accent+thai northeast accent) 😂😂😂

  4. S Tang

    you were robbed by the TukTuk. It can not be that 200 bath, and they usually charge it more on the tourists.

  5. Rose James

    Thailand was only one country in South East Asia that never been occupy by the other. That why Thais people are always very proud of their own culture.

  6. Golden Flower

    wow you guy know alot of any
    wonderful place and good
    item more than Local people
    like me 😉😉😉
    …this video so brilliant

  7. the one from far away

    Long term consumption of Thai food make you fat unhealthy and destroy your stomach..Now if your food is the Mc Donalds and the USA typical food from plastic then for sure you can survive

  8. Savita Phetc.

    ❤️🇹🇭🙏🏻 Thai food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world and is liked for its distinct and strong flavours. It is both healthy and tasty. There are many reasons to opt for Thai food rather than any other cuisine

  9. Enaiyo

    Honestly, I was expecting more traditional Thai restaurants or street food stalls tbh, no way do I go to Thailand for ramen and posh french cafes.

  10. nichole hennigan

    We are in Thailand now and after watching this video we went to One Ounce For Onion because I HAD to try that croissant dish. OH MUH GAWD so friggin good! Thank you for the suggestion!

  11. Shortythepresident

    American white people never ate that good in their lives until they venture out and eat food from the people of the countries they're so racist against back home. They love African, Muslim and caribbean food, Then they go back home and call them the N-word and MAGA while wearing a Trump hat. I know i shouldn't classify all white people in the Trump category, But 65 million is a lot. And it says a lot about what kind of people they are in general. Not to mention their shameful history in America.

  12. โชคชัย แก่นบุญ

    I'm​ thai, i.don't like.that​ taxi don't.accept you.​ In.thai it​ illegal

  13. The World Traveler

    Nice 👍
    I ❤️ Thailand! 🇹🇭 Just came back 😎
    Check out my Thailand videos and let me know what you think 😉

  14. Kai Chongloi

    Give us the location for that street food outlet you used to go to when you were an exchange student!

  15. TheKaMeLRo

    10:15 that is cheap noodle franchines that you can find almost everywhere in Thailand it's called '4 mans noodle' or 'chai si ba mi keaw"

  16. Iconwalk Pim

    didn't know you were exchange student in THailand explain a lot 🙂
    I'm about to host my host family who I stayed with when I was exchange student in Alaska too, after 22 years, so excited 🙂

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