3 WILD DAYS IN MONTANA, USA! | Sorelle Amore

Montana, USA was my 3/12 stop for the Best Job On The Planet with ThirdHOME. Montana really surprised me. The people, the nature, the cute very typically American towns near by that stole my heart. And the grizzly bears 😉

I especially loved Yellowstone National Park. A full episode on that perfect adventure coming soon.

THANK YOU THIRDHOME for this unbelievable opportunity to travel the world for the Best Job On The Planet which allows me to do things like this:

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Here is the link of equipment I use:
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Main Big Camera:
Big Sigma Lens:
Converter for Sigma Lens To Sony:
Gorilla Tripod:
Small Vlogging camera:
Remote Control Triggers: Canon – Sony –

Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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37 Replies to “3 WILD DAYS IN MONTANA, USA! | Sorelle Amore”

  1. Elizabeth Terneus

    looks like home up in Calgary ❤ you're so lucky to get to travel for a living! hopefully one day we will bump into each other on an adventure

  2. Яна Марич

    Girl,you're awesome! I am waiting for every single video like a child,cause you inspire me every freaking day!You have a bunch of love from Ukraine))

  3. Julia Sectumsempra

    I love your travel vlogs so much, not only to see the places but I love the way you edit your videos, so excited for the next one already!

  4. Squirrelmaster88

    Welcome to Small Town, USA if ya haven't been before. I've subscribed to your channel for over a year now and never thought you come out west. It's strange seeing ya here but fun/funny to watch nevertheless 😊

  5. Dylan Dahlquist

    I love, love, LOVE Montana. Almost moved there for graduate school simply because of how beautiful it was.

  6. Krista Parker

    I'm so jealous that you get to travel for a living. Here I am in my mid-20's, stuck working at a fast food place and going to college, living paycheck to paycheck, and even when I'm done with school I still won't be able to travel as much as I want because any salaried paycheck wouldn't allow that much time off without termination of employment. 🙁

  7. Mad Rian

    Uh oh, you're covering up your hair! Is the new style not working out for you?? So the Rocky Mountain Range that's in Montana, runs north into Canada a few hours drive from where I live. I've been told that the mountains here are even taller and rougher (and in my opinion, more beautiful) than the ones you'll see in Montana. You should check them out sometime! Jasper is less crowded and less touristy than Banff, although both towns have their perks. Check out some hot springs, explore a glacier, ride a gondola or go hiking!

  8. Meg Cook

    Sorelle, I was so thrilled to meet you and be part of your Montana experience! I see you visited Coffee Crossing; told John and sent him your video. Can't wait for Part II and grizzly bears!

  9. Meg Cook

    Also Sorelle, I can't find you on Facebook. I wanted to post your yoga photo on my page…are you on there?

  10. Susie Trekker

    Sorelle, I am so happy that your travels led you to the states!  I admit that Montana/Wyoming are so super beautiful, but I must say there are several other states that you must venture to someday.  I figured you have been to Cali and New York, but just want to say that any time you can take a trip to Kentucky you must!  Especially in the fall.  We have black bears, deer, bobcats, and other great wildlife (the horseracing isn't bad too).  Safe travels to all your ThirdHOME trips.  I literally cannot wait for your videos, because I get to live vicariously through you and your amazing adventures!  Hugs from KY!

  11. Charlotte Wagner

    I absolutely looove the pub scene with everyone dancing and singing! The atmosphere seems so peaceful and intense, I hope you enjoyed it a lot! 💕

  12. RhonnieBee

    Oh Sorelle I know I'm a little behind but watching your journey on all the different platforms makes my heart so happy!! I hope your heart is just as happy lovely 😊💜 xxx

  13. Mila Doukas

    Im so glad they chose Montana for your trip. Thank you to third home for giving my country more meaning than NYC and LA! Your trip looked so amazing i hope you enjoyed it

  14. Elisabeth idek

    I live in Florida, and i love it! But, when I see the places you go to, it makes me SO jealous! I've only gone to places like Tennessee and Massachusetts 😭

  15. Susan Mathis

    I'm from Texas …born and raised …and sister…You did the USA proud with this lovely vlog. Excited to watch part two

  16. Bharti Bhatia

    Every time the video comes to an end. A question pops up in my mind that why did it end so soon. And then again I go to your channel and watch another. I have discovered 70% of your videos till now and I seriously loved it. You seem to be so pure and enthusiastic, so much aware of life and full of life actually.

  17. Stephanie Marie

    I love your travels I just wonder why gizzly bears have a sanctuary in Montana Animals should be wild just like humans nature is not prefect to the eye . I love every place I have lived but felt a fakeness everywhere I am going blind but you know happiness is so catchy. I wish happiness for all creatures great and small

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