Q&A: Why China, Never Stop Exploring, & More

Answering some more of your questions in a Q&A video!

And for those people that are super-noticers in the comments section… Yes, I know Bali is an island and not a country. But my experience living in Indonesia was in Bali only, so I’m always more inclined to say “I lived in Bali,” than “I lived in Indonesia.”

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50 Replies to “Q&A: Why China, Never Stop Exploring, & More”

  1. Sky Man

    You answer to a Muslim??? You should travel to a Islamic country to experience their anti mankind agenda. You should bring Jason and his car with you if you do that LOL

  2. darcy X

    You are such a knowledgable and open minded girl. It's true what you have said that"never to give an opinion before you go to that place ,live there for a while and know it well".

  3. yh goh

    here the tip, to master any language, you first learn their culture, their shows, radio and lastly story books, i think it rewarding becos u learn a new way of wisdom, in this case east asia.

  4. L Praga

    Copado que leas a Borges, ¿ya viniste a Argentina?
    Y me parece bien que no aceptes el Patreon. Honestamente la gente debería donar la plata a aquellos que realmente lo necesitan.
    Saludos desde Buenos Aires.

  5. Dovee Oceux

    When I first traveled to China in 2007 to teach English for a year, one of my favorite actives quickly became taking a walk after dinner with friends and exploring the narrow lanes of the subtropical city we lived in.
    With a couple of lamb or chicken skewers in hand, we were set to explore the city for the night. On our nightly walk to the river that ran through the city, we observed the people around us selling clothes from carts along the streets and students playing ping pong in a park.
    Everyone was outside doing something (or nothing) and you felt like you were a part of it. One of the best things about China is that you can walk out of your door and everything and everyone is right there waiting for you.
    As China continues to grow, more and more foreigners are choosing to travel, live, work, or do business in China. No matter what your reason for exploring this vibrant country, the below tips on how to get by during your first days will help give you the confidence to buy your ticket and go have fun in China.
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  6. Gaius Jiau

    You should try to learn Chinese. The more languages you studied, the easier it becomes to take on a new one. I speak three different languages (Mandarin, English and Burmese) and one Chinese dialect which is not inteligible with mandarin. I'm also able to understand some of the other non-inteligible Chinese dialects in written or verbal terms, for example I can understand Cantonese if they speak slowly and I knew the subjects in advance.😂

  7. S Li

    Do you know there is a place called the east Venice of china? One of my favorite place in busy China. There are thousand old houses built on the canals. You will surprise yourself and your viewers. It's very Chinese there. It called "Wu Zhen". Visit when it's a bit warmer though. It's close to hang Zhou where headquarter of Alibaba based. -Wu zhen– the place that not many foreigners know about.

  8. Jack Zhou

    Hi!I am a big fan of you and your youtube shows. I really like your shows. I am in Beijing, where are you now?

  9. KR

    When ur boyfriend was stuck in Bejing Did u pay for him to get his passport? I remember u saying that the job he applied for was a sham. In a situation like this does he pay you back or do u fund some of his travels? Just curious.

  10. TheQUBANQT

    I 100% agree with you about Patreon funding travels. If you can't afford it don't do it is a financially responsible motto

  11. Dr.rani Husson

    HoW she make money for traveling all these country ?? I would have this job make to me this money please tell me

  12. 张文强

    我就奇怪了? 没错视频都帮中国吹牛逼! 中国哪里好了!怎么跟最大的民主国印度比。每次都吹中国

  13. zheng zhang

    Jajaja si si ahora sé que estás aprendiendo porteño, porque la pronunciación “Yo”. Es muy difícil que estudiar Chino y español juntos. 加油!我看好你

  14. Florin Braescu

    Al final vas a aprender Romañol que es una mezcla entre rumano y español 😉. Ti- o spune un Román &Spaniol. Si te vienes a España,Pamplona da un toque y os enseño San Fermín.Anyways like i already said your awsome,both of you meaning the romainian &chinese guy Liviu. Cius!!!🙃

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