Exploring Kings Park Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital

Watch as I explore the abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center with my brother. Creepy stuff!

sc: steveyalo802

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7 Replies to “Exploring Kings Park Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital”

  1. Saud Hot

    Went here about 3 years ago on halloween. Must say great experience and run into other random people that tell you secret spots to watch out for. Great video man 👍🏻

  2. lolitslea

    Yes!! Hey it's me again, we met there that day (kinda) and found on insta. SO pumped to watch this! Mine will be up very soon too 🙂

  3. Dirty Socks

    I live 10 minutes away from the Psych center, man that shit is so creepy. You guys captured it so well! Thank you!

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