We booked tickets to the island of Tablas without knowing anything about it. Most Filipino’s I talked to had never heard of it so I figured this would make for a perfect adventure and luckily, it was.

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Nov, 2017

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  1. Lost LeBlanc

    These coming vlogs only get better and better and better. See you in the next Philippines video 😉
    If you want to see the start of the trip, watch this:

  2. J Talamisan

    thank you for the great review to our island, im guessing you stay at my home town… to bad you didn't find the mablaran falls..God Bless and more power to you guys!

  3. Noobstertontropolisburgpointfieldvilleburough Guy

    I grew up on that island! I live in the states now, but it's nice to see not much has changed. Thanks for this video!!!

  4. Sir Vin

    hey lost leblanc i was about to travel there this week, would you prefer to visit? can i get some advice? thank you

  5. Sam dela Cruz

    OMG, $75 from the airport to Makati? That's more than our van for a whole day from Bulacan to Manila.

  6. Maribel Brandl

    Tablas Sunshine Village – Tablas Island

    This project stands for two meanings: Escape from stressful everyday life and escape from unspeakable politics in Europe. As always, the main victims will not be the super-rich, but the middle class.
    We want to offer the most uncomplicated and realistic possibility for emigrants from the middle of society to emigrate. We realize that it is difficult for anyone to leave home. Therefore, our project has two levels. On the one hand, it can be used as an investment in renting, and when it does, it should provide a safe haven from which to survive a severe global crisis.
    First of all, the country: The Philippines is an emerging economy with high growth rates and the fifth-lowest public sector quota in the world. Big advantage: The official language is English. As in all developing countries, the political situation cannot be assessed as safe. What sets the Philippines apart from all other developing countries is that the country consists of seven thousand islands, of which about 1100 are inhabited, that can operate relatively independently of the central state. So the islands are all different.
    Tablas, our location, is a beautiful natural island, but at the same time offers a relatively good infrastructure compared to other islands. It has an airport that connects Tablas to Manila within an hour. The neighbouring island of Boracay is a tourist hotspot. So you have the opportunity to rush into the hustle and bustle or spend your time quietly on one of the many secluded beaches on Tablas. Tourism on Tablas is increasing but it will never be as crowded there as on Boracay. Tablas is the island that many vacationers dream of: off the beaten track and mass tourism, but still within easy reach.
    But the most important thing is how it looks in a crisis situation. Nature gives everything you need to survive. The coconuts are practically upside down. Project Tablas Sunshine Village is 500 meters from the sea. Even in the worst case, you only need to get the fish out of the sea.
    The project will have an independent electricity and water supply in case of crisis. If necessary, even cheap agricultural land could be leased to it, but the residents decide for themselves and most likely will be unnecessary. As a guide, a fisherman who passes the project from the sea today offers half a dozen fish for 100 pesos (two euros). Only if you had no more money, you would have to rely on fishing yourself or even to rely on self-grown foods.
    The project therefore has two components: one is a holiday resort with its own large pool and breath-taking views of the sea, which is suitable for rent in "normal" times. On the other hand, it is a safe retreat, where you can provide self-sufficient. We also make sure that we mainly work with local workers, which ensures that we are well integrated in the community. In any case, the inhabitants of the island are very friendly and open to strangers.
    Planned are a restaurant and a kiosk, where you can provide yourself with the things of everyday life. You do not have to leave the system if you do not want to. However, given the beautiful nature and magical places that exist on the island, that would be a mistake.
    Every investor has the opportunity to plan his house freely. There are about 30 houses planned in the plant. In the category "floor plans" you will find plenty of suggestions. But you can reschedule the room layout freely and individually. Of course, the entire living space can of course be adapted. Of course, the style must match the rest of the system. Just send us an e-mail and I will make you an offer for all your wishes. Since the complex will have at least one large swimming pool, it will not be necessary for one or the other to build its own pool, but that is basically possible and has its charms. Also, each property will have its own parking.
    The Village is built according to libertarian principles, which serve to avoid possible conflicts from the beginning. For example, everyone gets their own electricity and water bills. So it cannot be the frustrating situation that the neighbour takes a shower five times a day and runs the air conditioning (included in the price) all day while you save yourself. Conflicts between the residents are decided by a neutral arbitrator, to which both parties agree (the exact clause, for example, what happens if both do not agree on a conciliator, they can request under the e-mail below).

  7. Rachel Fiedacan

    I grew up in Tablas and couldnt ask for a better place to live in! So peaceful but unique plus theres lots of pretty faces in my town. Haha! My childhood until highschool days consists of going to pantalan everyday or walking to the beach with my friends and I really miss it! We also do this motorcycle joyride sometimes when we go to other towns. Btw we dont use the term Tablas that much as locals, we just use the name of the town we live in. They never went to my town though in this video. When i was in elementary we used to go to this river where ive seen thick and huge bamboos than in this video. Lol. And the reason why people are giving vague directions is because they probably dont know the place you’re talking about. Locals are not really aware of ‘popular’ places or whatever is unique with our place, since our place is not touristy and untouched by commercials for tourists. We also had water falls and beaches and then again we dont have resorts. The natural scene are just enjoyed by the locals and its more like ‘tourists’ are aliens to us but still we have the filipino-friendliness with us. I think Romblon, romblon has more accomodation for tourists. I wish they explored our town tho

  8. Hatz Viral Videos

    I wish u could also visit the Island garden City of Samal and its famous talicud island in southern part of the Philippines in Mindanao.

  9. Ray Flores

    Next time travel to southern part of Tablas Island where you can find more beautiful spots perfect for your vlog.

  10. Beam Guy Loyola

    the girl. with curly hair is the resort owner happens to be my boardmate in boracay island. showed a lot of great shot.

  11. Beam Guy Loyola

    we're on the hunt for a bamboo farm and sunflower farm there too but we did not find any. by seing that bamboo forest i consider myself lucky enough cause it was horible😂

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