MARKET DAY | Eating in Cape Town

We went to the Old Biscuit Mill and V&A Waterfront markets which are only on Saturdays. We got to eat lots of food and it was a beautiful day!


Our AirBnb Apartment in this video:






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***TRAVEL VLOG 156***
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45 Replies to “MARKET DAY | Eating in Cape Town”

  1. Lynn Moore

    Really enjoy your vlogs! Only been on board a little while but really look forward to them every day! Thank you for doing them!

  2. Mily Davila

    Oh my gosh I missed all the eating!! And the BUNS!!!! This was a great video. Nate, I wonder the same thing about myself with this hairstyle and I always take it off but Kara can rock anything.

  3. Kay Flip

    I always get excited when I see Kara and Nate reconnect with Asia in some way, even if it's just to eat half assed Asian buns in South Africa, lol.

  4. Kay Flip

    Seattle has beautiful mountains and oceans too – one of the most beautiful and underrated cities on earth (I've been to all continents inhabited by people).

  5. Luke Lucas

    I hope you guys come and visit the Netherlands and try our "pannenkoeken" (a friend of poffertjes) 🙂

  6. SuperSho8

    Planning a trip to Cape Town. Can you help with the link to the AirBnb you guys stayed at? And more importantly, would you guys recommend it? (Parking woes notwithstanding.)

  7. Jim Green

    Probably the reason for getting poffertjes way before Netherlands is because, as you probably already know, Afrikaans is almost identical to Dutch, which was brought over by the Boers several hundred years, and during their centuries of separation from the Mother language, it morphed into Afrikaans, but the Dutch food remained unchanged in some ways.

  8. Aaron Casteel-Hatfield

    I love your VLOG! Probably the most entertaining on YouTube. Loved the series to Everest Base Camp, but the ones at Oktoberfest made me subscribe.Thanks for all the great travel vlogs you guys post! Keep exporing!

  9. Meg Mac

    I don't know what Nate's talking about with your hairstyle. I think it's totally cute and fun. Kara, you rock the half up, half down bun.
    Also, I just recently found your videos less than a week ago and have been watching from the first vlog and have gotten this far already. You both are so well suited, and adventurous and I appreciate that you both are so genuine while still being naturally upbeat.
    I look forward to watching the rest of your videos. 🙂

  10. Cheryl Medeiros

    My take on leather goods is if they didn't use the leather from cows after they are slaughtered for food, what where would all the waste go? That bag is adorable!

  11. FireCracker3240

    At 7:08:
    Nate What is it doing?
    Me: He's probably itchy and is trying to scratch
    Kara I think he has an itch

    😂😂😂😂😂 It's either I've been watching so much of you that I already know exactly how you think, Kara, or it's great minds and all that… I like to think it's a little of both. ❤❤

  12. FireCracker3240

    By the way, I loved your hair, Kara! Love top buns… I've even worn them a few times. Super cute on you! Plus, your makeup is so pretty in this video. You're always beautiful, but it was on point today!

  13. aka.charlee

    Mmmm I've really gotta stop watching y'all between meals…lol…that food looked good, and that looked like a day spent exploring 🙂 as always thanks for sharing :0) BIG HUGS FROM IDAHO! :0)

  14. Joshua Reznik

    The Dutch people were the first settlers of South Africa and in 1948 there nationalist party started apartheid. Not the British.

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