1. kiloshinoda

    You wnet to Singapore!? Was it fun!? I hope were very friendly towards you (: Cheers!! You should tell me you're in Sing and i could be your trusty guide ^^

  2. varan619

    I live in San Diego and go to the zoo all the time. It is awesome. Singapore Zoo looks awesome too. Would love to visit.

  3. NobodysAngel81

    Amazing video. Felt bad for the leopard when it jumped. I sometimes jump too when it thunders. Yeah hyenas are big, aren't they the same size as some dogs like german shephards etc?

  4. TinkMister

    Heyy, I was just wondering how much did your trip cost and why are you travelling because i'd love to do it !

  5. Janchicsiken

    Mr Leopard seemed pretty scared of the thunder.
    And you've answered my deep desire of how bats take a pee 😀

  6. jadeeecakes

    I lovee that zoo! And how the animals aren't in proper cages! (:
    Ohh yes when it rains in Singapore it rains! Hugee thunder storm then day we went to Sentosa Island! Not goood.

  7. Syah Kyler

    its actually really scary when you hear the cracking before the boom of the thunder. I saw lightning strike a tree once just outside my school O.O

  8. SuperKezia

    im indonesian but i currently live in the middle east. every summer i'd return back to indonesia, and whenever it rains, i'd go out to play in the rain (cause you see, living in the desert…you HARDLY get any rain per year, so I'd always get excited whenever we get rain lol), but then, 5 minutes into the rain, lightnings and thunders would strike. then i'd have to go back inside and not play in the rain 🙁 ahh gotta love the tropical weather eh? :p

  9. marley88dexter

    I also went to the singapore zoo and then the night safari in the same day back in september 2010, we also had a mid day thunderstorm, it only lasted about an hour but it was the heaviest rain and loudest thunder and lightning I had ever herd !!

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