STORM HITS! CRAZY HOI AN WEATHER | Vietnam Travel Vlog 058, 2017 | Digital Nomad

Vietnam has some pretty wild and fast turns of weather! In this Hoi An travel vlog we almost got caught in a massive storm! But instead, when the weather turned bad we jumped in the pool and tried to avoid getting struck by lightening.

August 2017 we moved to Vietnam to travel full time, based in Hoi An, as digital nomads. We’re exploring the city, checking out the nomad spots, living like locals and seeing what Vietnam has to offer. If you’re into the odd travel vlog, love Vietnam, or curious to become a Digital Nomad watch along for loads more vlogs. See below if you want to travel full time as well….

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– Special thanks to Sense for lifting the copyright and allowing us to use their track ‘Ridges’ for the coffee and rain scenes in this video!
– Also to Frost for their track ‘Bonjour’ in the sunset sequences.

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We’re Dane & Stacey, full-time travelers, publishers and YouTubers from New Zealand. We share vlogs on countries as we visit for a few days like most travel vloggers, but we’re a little different as well. Slow Travel is what defines us — renting an apartment to spend longer exploring a city, sharing local life and going deeper into cultures and experiences. Ultimately our goal is to create informative, fun and cinematic videos, be sure to subscribe to follow along

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41 Replies to “STORM HITS! CRAZY HOI AN WEATHER | Vietnam Travel Vlog 058, 2017 | Digital Nomad”

  1. Chef Rafi's Awesome World

    Be careful with the lightning!! It was supposed to storm all week here but luckily we had great beach days every day so far!

  2. Cam Robinson

    Try Miss Ly's Cafe if you get a chance, some of the best food I had in Vietnam.

    Your camera shots are amazing! Making me want to go back!

  3. Larry Fournillier

    Great video guys, the location looks stunningly beautiful and I've checked that location on my bucket list. 🙂 Keep up the great work.!

  4. zélig wilsonゼリグ君

    I follow a vietname travel vlogger! this makes me wanna visit there more and more 😮 great video ! especially drone scenes!

  5. Nikki Rosenbek

    Personally, I think Hoi An is the prettiest little town in the world. By day, the ancient city looks stunning, but the little town truly comes to life by night. The streets in the old town are lit up with colorful and beautiful lanterns, which is quite spectacular and unforgettable. It's truly magical.

  6. My Normal Gay Life

    I really love the drone village! It looks like a beautiful place to explore! 🙂 And I really like your reflection on it all.

  7. doisbits

    Hey guys! How is internet speed over there? Do you take ages to upload every video or you actually have a good connection? Cheers from Germany!

  8. Pocket Trailblazer

    Just having a break form editing, catching up on your vlogs and I'm editing those exact rice fields in Hoi An!! I wish I was there – Darwin is starting to get sticky hot!! lol

  9. The Traveling Together Journal

    That coffee looks amazing. Which drone do you use? We just got a Mavic. I watched too many vidoes about crashing it and I panic every time I fly it.

  10. Ron T

    Why when people fly drones they must play a stupid music ? we can see the video, and even understand it without the stupid music.


    Just stumbled across your channel
    Amazing videos!
    We were in HOI AN in July and absolutely loved it!
    Off to watch some more of your videos 👍

  12. Ham Hassen - Real Estate Agent

    You guys are the BEST Your videography is so so stylish and classy and…… no words Thank you for the content

  13. PhyllisMichelle

    I enjoyed that scenery, a few moments in time, going out on a night patrol in Hoang An 1969, south and east on DT 611 to Que Son. On my way back in March this year. Thanks for the video.

  14. HarvyDanger Films

    I just stumbled in your channel and wow am I happy I did! Great content. Can’t wait to bing watch over the weekend. Cheers!✌️

  15. jc snaz

    Great video, you really capture the essence of why travel is so amazing, will be in Vietnam in September for first time!

  16. frank caan

    Just curious, why do you always wonder whether people are ripping you off? I've watched 2 of your videos and here, as in the first when you bought a mango at the store, you made a comment about not being sure if you were being ripped off. You're paying $.88 for gas and you wonder if someone ripped you off? I don't get it.

  17. Robert Maddelena

    Another good video. From great sandwiches to smoothie bowls and beautiful sceenery. Looks great. Thanks

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