My Fall 2018 Try On Clothing Haul! Fall Style is so much fun, I like to shop at Urban Outfitters, Aritzia, Brandy Melville, and Nordstrom which all have super cute clothing for fall right now. Subscribe! Check Out My Last Video:

I’d also like to note how almost all of the clothing pieces mentioned, are perfect for a capsule wardrobe. As I was trying on the clothes for the video, I realized just about everything could be matched with each other to create a ton of different looks for the season!

Babaton Aritzia Tube Top:
Brandy Melville Teddy Bear Jacket:
Dahli Leather Jacket:
Urban Outfitters Tie Front Top*:
Urban Outfitters Ribbed Bodycon Dress*:
Aritzia Wool Sweater:
Urban Outfitters Sweater*:
Urban Outfitters Midi Dress*:
Babaton Aritzia Jacket:
ABLE Jeans:
Aritzia Black Pant*:
Urban Outfitters BDG Mom Jean*:
Sam Edelman Nude Pump*:
Last Years Mule* (similar style):
Aritzia O Belt:
Cute Belt thats cheaper*:
Urban Outfitters Chunky Gold Hoops*:
Purple Hoop Earrings*:
* This item has an affiliate link

Business: monica@abramsart.com
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46 Replies to “FALL TRY ON CLOTHING HAUL 2018”

  1. Tiffany Blair

    I'm glad you mentioned this in your vlog because I totally missed the notification and I LOVE HAULS.

  2. Scarlett Jean

    did anyone else come from her seattle vlog and didn’t even see this video go up because school makes you so busy that ur dead

  3. Rachelle Swanson

    I know you said you weren't getting many views on this but I love it! love your style, especially ever since you said you've been putting more thought into it!

  4. k p

    the entire time I was watching this I was thinking "man…I need to start dressing like an adult"…..
    i need to stop living in oversized t shirts hahaha

  5. Gisele Juliette

    you are absolutely​ stunning and don't stress about the views. I know its cliche but quality over quantity

  6. Sarah Cummings

    Obsessed with the wool sweater!! wish there was a dupe! I love the collar and tie infront! It's so cute!

  7. mackey fairweather

    How is Monica not getting a million views every video you can really tell she puts a lot of work into every video

  8. Ginni Terhune

    Where did you get your gold necklace? I've been looking for one like that!! Your shoulders look perfect.

  9. Sophie Eftimie

    You should probably do some research about the fur/wool industry. It’s not “cool” and it doesn’t hurt them when they get shaved. It’s not a nice neat haircut, they end up with cuts that hurt them and don’t get treated. Don’t promote animal cruelty please.

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