Elephant Nature Park Chiang Mai Thailand – Single Day Visit | Travel Vlog Ep. 27

WARNING: You may purchase a ticket to Thailand after watching this video!

Thailand is full of amazing things to do, but one adventure that is a necessity for all travelers is to spend a day with some elephants.

We decided to check out Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are A LOT of so called elephant “sanctuaries” in Thailand, so you need to be careful about which one you chose to go to. If you’re not familiar with elephant sanctuaries, please do some research before going. There are many places in Asia that abuse animals, like elephants and tigers, to make money from tourists.

Even though some claim to be ethical, a lot of them really aren’t. DO NOT go to any that allow you to ride elephants. Those tend to be the most mistreated and abused. They tie them up in chains, they don’t feed them enough or properly, and they use sharp hooks to control them and make them do what they want.

Elephant Nature Park is one of the good ones. In fact, they rescue Elephants from other abused parks and rehabilitate them. They do not breed elephants, they only rescue them. Their main park (which we did not go to) has around 70 elephants. The park you see in this video was actually one that they took over and rescued these three elephants that were previously mistreated for tourism purposes.

I hope you enjoy this video, but most importantly I hope you do some research about ethical elephant treatment before visiting an elephant sanctuary.

Elephant Nature Park:

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24 Replies to “Elephant Nature Park Chiang Mai Thailand – Single Day Visit | Travel Vlog Ep. 27”

  1. Omari Joseph

    I wonder how they eat..do they have teeth..raw pumpkin seem a bit tough..but hey. I like the part where you are walking and not riding them. OMG..that brown water..i wonder how dirty is it..bananas(skin & all)

  2. Yineth Bolanos

    SOOOOOO JELLY! Thank you for doing the research and making sure that they take care of the elephants. Love seeing your Vlogs! Miss you both and can't wait til you both come back and tell me all the stories!

  3. Markie Dell

    This has been on my bucket list for a couple years now! So cool you guys got to do this. Can't wait to see what's next!

  4. Sam Was Here

    Awesome vlog!! Did the drone not spook the elephants? I was worried about that and so I left mine at the hotel, I was also worried that it would fall out of the sky as the motor failed the week before whilst filming Phi Phi islands lol

  5. All In Films

    love watching your travels. The vlogs are so interesting. keep it up. From a fellow small filmmaker/youtuber, good luck

  6. Layne Fable

    I couldn't agree more!! Spending a day with elephants in Phuket while I was there was the highlight of my Thailand trip!!

  7. Fitzy Richards

    I am surprising my little sister with a trip here for her 18th ! This is the best video i have seen regarding this park and trust me i have researched a lot ! So thank you 🐘

  8. amanda collins

    I’m heading to Thailand and will be doing this park when we get to Chiang Mai.
    I was looking at their website and they have numerous “single day visit” options.
    I definitely want the one where you can help bath and play in the river.
    What tour did you guys do and how much was it?
    Thank you:)

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