NOOSA BEACH TRAVEL & DRONE | Sunshine Coast, Australia | Travel Vlog 031, 2017

Today we vlog Noosa Heads beach and get the drone up for some great footage. We spend a bit of time at the beach, get some ridiculously good smoothie bowls from Blended Health Bar and checkout some nitrogen ice cream. Thats a thing now apparently. If you didnt know, now you know.

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We’re Dane & Stacey and we travel full time. Unlike most travel vloggers we move to a country for a few months and rent a villa or apartment. Our channel shows what it’s like to immerse into cultures by exploring, eating traditional cuisine and living a life similar to locals while still hunting out our western wants and needs!

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Joakim Karud – Beach
BEAUZ – Grey Noise

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11 Replies to “NOOSA BEACH TRAVEL & DRONE | Sunshine Coast, Australia | Travel Vlog 031, 2017”

  1. Nard Walker

    hey guys…. love the vids bro….. infact i put you guys up there with Eric Conover and Christian Le Blanc…… kiwis like these guys and lets get them up there….. loving your work.

  2. Chef Rafi's Awesome World

    The drone was great for the surfing footage. I hope you can go back to the Philippines to shoot lots of secluded beach drone footage. 👨‍🍳👍😊

  3. rheyzon algordo

    hi, anything edit, i ask you when or you have a plan to cameback to the philippines with your honey,

  4. Chasing a Plate - Thomas & Sheena

    Noosa looks great from the drone! Haven't been there since I was about 15 or something like that. I remember that beach be bloody amazing though! Cheers – Thomas

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