Virgin Heathrow Lounge Secret

Here’s our favourite spot in all of Heathrow Airport and almost no one knows about it!

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7 Replies to “Virgin Heathrow Lounge Secret”

  1. Kikrix

    I love your channel! All your videos are insanely funny and very informational! I love traveling and you don't just make your ordinary, lame video showing off some mega city but you actually go and make it entertaining! You make some amazing content, mate! <3 Thanks for putting out such amazing videos and always making them totally wicked! 😀 Cheers

  2. Tranefine

    Is it possible to change from LHR to LGW fast and uncomplicated? I'm planinig my next holiday in the caribbean, flying with BA. The only problem is that BA only flies there from LGW but all connecting flights from Switzerland are going to LHR. :-/

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