36 Replies to “Here’s how to create 12 new lifelong friends in ICELAND in just 6 days!”

  1. Richard Elbe

    don't take this wrong.. but you do not look like you with the make up on… so much awesome being the real you not covered up

  2. Christopher Scott

    The Big Van Band ❤️ Thank you Sorelle for all you have done. You created something bigger than ourselves and the future is so incredibly bright. So much love, respect and admiration to you.

  3. day-z doo

    Congratulations on your 1st group touring thingy!!! THIS VIDEO IS F'IN OUTSTANDING IN VERY INCREDIBLE WAY! Thank you for sharing! Ive been a fan for quite sometime now…i think that you're so naturally good at this kind of thing & by far the happiest/most natural state ive seen you in. 💜💜💜 you should be so proud. You have an incredible gift of inspiring others & bringing people up in your joy and happy sunshine!
    I almost cried watching your friend in her wedding dress! Stunning! And the slow dance thing 😍😍 my heart!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! (Now back to watching the rest of the video😂)
    ✌🌼Daisy xxx

  4. Kelly Carmichael

    Oh my gosh, this is truly magical, special, inspirational. So excited you'll be continuing this. Maybe I'll join you on one..

  5. wani

    Omg i just found your channel and wondering how i've never come across a channel as amazing as yours!!!!! your personality is so captivating, cant wait to see more

  6. Aimee vonG

    OMG, I hope you do another one of these trips. I have never been to Iceland, just barely starting my photography/video/Creative journey and would absolutely LOVE to travel that journey with you, Sorelle. Cheers!

  7. Catherine Ellis

    Sorelle, I just found your channel through your trip in Bali. I just spent 4 hours binge watching your gorgeous channel. I want to say what an amazing strong, fierce, resilient women you are. I watch YouTube because I’m battling brain cancer and it’s my escape. At the hospitals I’m known as the YouTube girl for the children and adults. I’m a teacher in Canada and because I can’t teach right now I spend my time trying to give hope, peace and comfort to others fighting. I plan now to add your channel in my list of showing others especially the tweens, teens, 20-50 year olds that are staring their life or fighting for a chance to live life with their second birth when they get their cure. Or as I say as soon as you get your diagnosis. I can’t wait to help people dream along with myself. Two of my dream trips Bali and Iceland. So when I watched you from watching Haifa’s video and your retreat I kept searching and clicking and found you. All through the night I have had myself glued to your amazing videography, photography and your authentic vlogs and spirit. I just want to say thank you for giving me this gift after a hard day of chemo and a distraction of love that comes through the screen. I hope one day to make it to Bali and Iceland as they are so incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your passion with the world.❤️

  8. Iris is travelling

    are you releasing new dates for later this year, or next year? I will be in Southeast Asia in June, July and August.

  9. Kristina Verbruggen

    This looks so amazing! I'm working both of the times you've posted, but hopefully if you keep having them, I can apply in the future.

  10. Buvana Ganesh

    Hey! What is in a traveller's general wardrobe? Not for packing, but for all the climates of the countries you travel to! Do you have "one item many uses" kinda stuff?
    Answer when free! Thank you!

  11. Broom Closet Artistry

    Dear Sorelle,
    I know you've become crazy busy but I hope you read this. I'm so grateful for you, your videos and how you are connecting all of us. It's taken A LONG TIME but my Iceland trip is finally here (mon 24th of Sep) and it's all thanks to you. I've also decided to propose to my boyfriend of 5 years on our adventure. Keep shining that light Queen and thank you again for all your joy. Xoxo

  12. Glyn Weaver

    I really want to go on a tour with you sorelle, but as a student, i cant afford it 🙁 🙁 Ill just try and get my influence up more with my website and see from there

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