Are you a Canadian taking a trip abroad? Here are some tips and advice for you!







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  1. Tabitha Michelle

    One of the best things I got from this video – Say your Canadian to be treated better lol  :] <3

  2. Caleb.B

    I'm a Native American, born and raised in the states, HOWEVER I say I'm Canadian to certain people, and if I encounter a Canadian I do mention my heritage, I have traveled abroad and it is true, I remember someone saying 'Canada good, USA bad!'

  3. Juniper Piper

    Actually I just think Canada is one of the few counties who give pedestrians the "right of way" legally, is all. 
    I just discovered your account because of Onision, I live in Ontario and plan to spend my life traveling, aka you just became my GODDESS

  4. Alykia

    When I was living in Germany they thought I was German and then guessed that I was from England. I thought it was weird because I feel like I don't have that kind of accent.

  5. SapphireLove101

    I've had the unfortunate incident of being called an American while I was abroad (in the U.K. of all places) Apparently the man did NOT like Americans at all. Started insulting me and telling me to "go back to McDonalds Land". My response:"Oh, actually I think you mean Tim Hortons land. I'm Canadian. From New Brunswick, actually."Poor guy was SO embarrassed. I laughed it off, but let that be a lesson to him. XD

  6. Adventure Diaries

    As a Canadian I love the Canadian stereotypes. I think they are hilarious, and really how many other countries are stereotyped as being overly polite?

  7. Estelle Duquette

    I'm French Canadian, when i travel in the USA they ask me which european country i'm from 😂 always gotta explain that i'm from North America and why my accent is different! Elsewhere in the world its the same, funny thing when I speak English to French people they think it's my first language and don't recognize my accent 😅

  8. Monica Niblett

    "a poutine"?? I thought it was just "poutine." like "fries" because its plural kind of?? im so american im embarassed

  9. Kandace Saunders

    where exactly are you from ?  im so obsessed with your channel now, I love you and wanna be friends with you lol. thanks for all the advice!

  10. Cailen Speers

    Hi there! fellow Canadian here:) i'm doing my first backpacking trip in Europe this summer! so glad i found your videos. they've been such a help!

  11. Trevor Daniels

    hmmmm, I'd like to travel but everyone is pissed off at my country and they might try to hurt me!

    said no Canadian ever!

  12. Katie Tymochenko

    Hey! You mentioned some difficulties for Canadians arriving in South America?? Could you possibly elaborate? – Thanks! 🙂

  13. Les Aventures de Mélanie

    The only problem I have with being Canadian and traveling is the horrible money rate exchange…

  14. Lover Boy

    Oh yea , HAIL MOTHER CANADA 🇨🇦. And yes I always put my Canadian flag on my backpack whenever I go to Europe. Once I was in India in 2017 , landed at New Delhi with my Canadian flag on back , people started shaking my hand , I was treated as VVIP. Upon asking my Uber why this , ‘ He said , bcoz Canada is the best country and we respect Canadians. ‘. I m so so proud to be a Canadian.

  15. Victoria Lefebvre

    In Gatineau/ Ottawa.. cars do Not stop to let you pass. You're more likely to get ticketed for J-Walking.. or get hit by a bus, taxi or cyclist. The capital region is a great example of how 'polite' Canadians are, you'll likely learn some of our colourful language too.

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