How We Travel The World & Work Online Full-Time + 7 Helpful Tips For Digital Nomads

Tips for working online while travelling: protect yourself on the web at or use code ‘exploringalternatives’ and save 77%!

We’ve been working online while traveling for over 4 years now doing a variety of work, including project management, freelance graphic design and video editing, and creating our YouTube channel.

When we started, we had no idea what to expect from the digital nomad lifestyle, or how it worked. We didn’t know what gear we’d need, where we’d find WiFi, and I didn’t even know how to use Gmail properly. It was a steep learning curve!

But after doing online work all over the place, from Canada to Costa Rica, from Iceland to Germany, and from the USA to Spain – we’ve learned A LOT.

In this video we’re sharing some of our best tips to make it easier to earn a living (and an income) while you travel, or on the road in a camper van. We talk about how to stay focussed and comfortable, where we find wifi, co-working spaces, how we back up our files, how we protect ourselves when using unsecured public wifi networks, our gear, and a lot more.

If you’re interested in working online but you haven’t found an online job yet, we made a separate video with tips for finding online jobs. You can check it out here:

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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50 Replies to “How We Travel The World & Work Online Full-Time + 7 Helpful Tips For Digital Nomads”

  1. T Jam

    I WAS thinking of downsizing, and traveling more…but watching that video made me change my mind. Stress everyday. Hunting and gathering like nomads.
    I think I’ll just stay home and have predictability. Lol
    Good advice for a lot of others none-the-less ! Thanks

  2. Sonya Simulik

    thank you or your video I am big fan of nordvpn because It helped me while traveling to China, and that is a lot!

  3. Sourcedrop

    I had someone hack into my email, I think from being on a public library network. They didn't do anything but posted an email briefly in my inbox stating I'd been hacked. Could have been worse.

  4. Camper Jobs

    hi how are you I'm an italian vanlife with my wife it is really possible work online because i dont found nothing information..tank a lot

  5. Cliff P.

    Concise, precise, friendly, easily understood and overall very well done. I've found answers to some of my own lingering questions, I thank you for this. Thank you also for sharing your interesting lives with me.

  6. MZVC

    That's sad you need to compromise so much with the mobile internet. In my country, mobile internet is really cheap, even for large or even unlimited data.

  7. Matthew Schwoebel

    Thanks for the information. I took advantage of the discount! Vanndweller in less than 2 weeks, great timing.

  8. Cee Jay

    I'm messaging from Britain. For my internet I use a Dongle which is a portable internet pen that can be topped up every 3 months. Are these items not available in Canada?

  9. yogawick

    Good tips!
    Saw on your laptop an Exploring Alternatives sticker “Living Large with Less.” Where can I get one?

  10. Paula Byrd

    My question is what kind of jobs are online? I see this talked about but other than software development, how do you make money? Seriously.

  11. Law For All

    Internet not being affordable seems funny for where I'm coming from…. Here for 10 dollars, you get 2gb a day, free calls 100 sms a day for two and a half months

  12. TJinPgh

    I use a VPN at home and on the road. One thing to be aware of, however, is that there are some businesses that have the channels necessary to use them blocked on their wifi.

    So, you may not be able to use it everywhere.

    Panera Bread seems to do that here a lot.

  13. Chiara Pontillo

    I would like to know how you find the time to visit places if you work full-time. Like it seems like you spend most time working anyway but I am probably wrong

  14. Ramanjeet Singh

    I got a question. How can i maintain this lifestyle if i and my partner plan for having kids? Amazing channel and value by the way!

  15. Exploring Alternatives

    Sim Card Tip for Travellers in Europe, brought to you by Reve and Rob 🙂
    "We have just watched your great video on 7 tips for working online and noted that you spoke about getting a mobile plan for data.
    I am not sure if you are aware but the uk has a free prepaid sim card that works in 71 countries. They have a great add on plan that gives you 12gb of data a month for £20 plus you get 3000 minutes and texts to any other 3 sim.
    Its designed for uk residents but we picked one up when we passed through the uk and have been using it without problems for the past few years.
    Here is a link to there page of you want to check it out:

    Ps we are not affiliated with this company in any way just wanted to pass on a helpful piece of kit seen as we enjoy your channel so much."

  16. Lindsay Wood

    THis is perfect…we are moving into a tiny home this July and traveling around the US so thank you for the tips especially the Nord VPN deal!

  17. Claire Beane

    That portable lap top table is bleeding brilliant!!! I simply MUST HAVE ONE!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration guys!!!! Happy travels!!!! 🙂

  18. jaswant khalsa

    I started a trial vpn and no sooner did that happen, my credit card was used in a fraud case. Made it not very secure feeling.

  19. vli5

    In one of your videos you mentioned a scanner that you liked and used a lot that don't take a lot of space and works good. What scanner was that? What video was it?

  20. MindPalace

    Right now traveling and working in Vietnam. There is no problem with internet. It is super cheap and fast. I bought SIM card 4 g and also use wi fi everywhere I go. Just want to recommend this amazing country, I have decided to explore it more, really love living here.

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