Yes They Bite | Bali, Indonesia

VLOG February 22nd, 2017

Erik Conover
PO BOX 201
New York N.Y. 10156


snapchat: erikconover

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Canon G7x
DJI Phantom 4 Drone
Editing Computer:
Joby GorillaPod
Big Camera:
Action Camera:

Music By:
BØRNS – Past Lives (nvmbr Edit)

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35 Replies to “Yes They Bite | Bali, Indonesia”

  1. Karan Darji

    I'm not gonna lie, this might be my favorite of the Bali videos for 2 reasons: 1. The drone footage in the intro and 2. The deep talks are making their way back!

    Glad you had a fun trip and hope you get to go back to two weeks!

  2. kristen elle

    oh, man, i felt the feels when you were recapping at the airport. also, you could probably end your vlogs with that clip of you guys singing every time instead of your regular sign out, and i wouldn't be mad. 😄

  3. Annabel Smith

    Loved all the Bali videos.. you immerse yourself in the culture and go off the beaten track – best way to travel. Totally agree with the cab driver – absolute best thing about Bali is the energy. Oh and so glad you've discovered tim tams! The best 🙂 x

  4. Kyfer Bush

    Love the video. As someone who has been doing a few Bali videos, I wish I had a drone while I was there 🙂

  5. Aryadi Sigit

    Thank you so much for visiting Bali and showing it to the world.
    Great vlog man!

    from Indonesia

  6. yoko tanza

    i agree with the driver. Bali has something that keeps many people go back. i've seen lots of beautiful places, even in Indonesia itself there are many places more beautiful than Bali, waaayy prettier beaches than Bali beaches. but Bali's energy is no match.

  7. Takyo Travel

    Beautiful video Erik, very inspiring for my next vlog in Bali. We are heading there in 1 month. Are the music you use copyright free?

  8. Emily Underwood

    These videos are just fascinating. Just watching these videos make me feel like I'm there and so relaxed.

  9. Edita Sllamniku

    Wow 😀 amazing vlogs! Thank You for sharing and doing all the hard work behind the scenes 😉 I have been glued to my laptop all day watching your videos. Fantastic! 😉

  10. Tom Quah

    You did well vlog. Still enjoy watching them all the time. Bali is definitely one of my favorite holiday destination. I live between Indonesia & Thailand. Well done Erik. Thanks for sharing your life journey.

  11. Daksh Kumar

    I feel like you should have at least 5-8 million subscriber.i mean what A Bali Series I just loved it and it also Motivated me Love your way of Vloging and always Motivatjng Keep it up ❤️

  12. Toni tg.

    Love this video,and somehow how makes you rethink and show some gratitude for everything,and evryone around you..

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