This is my definition of paradise. A tropical fantasy in the Sand Blas Islands of Panama. Panama is a country that has completely blown away expectations and I know that we will be back.

Yesterday’s vlog – Pranking My Girlfriend

Watch the entire Panama Playlist! –

Thank you to Yandub resort for the incredible escape!
I cannot speak more highly of this one of a kind experience.

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Love To Kill Us – Jungle Slang

The Rules – Benedict Ammann & Amilea

Jinsang-Bliss – Extended
Outro: Nevada – Vicetone (Monstercat)
-What camera and equipment do you use?

-What do you use to edit your videos? FCPX

January 25, 2016

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48 Replies to “TROPICAL FANTASY – San Blas Islands”

  1. Lost LeBlanc

    Find out how I pranked Laura yesterday:

    She still loves me though 🙂
    Let's get lost again tomorrow at 12PM EST

  2. Paul Stevenson World Traveller

    What's the place called u stayed at in san blas islands on this video & where did u get boat from please

  3. 40two Freedom

    Question… You're young, decent looking, obviously have some money and traveling the world… Why do you have a Girlfriend, and why do you take her with you? You should be Partying it up and Banging your way across the Globe…Youth isn't forever…enjoy it while it last!

  4. Consome Deguacuco

    Not one word of how much does it costs a stay in Yandub resort per night per person…The purpose of this blog is unfulfilled without this info….

  5. Victor M. Lopez

    OMG! What an AMAZING video. Love it! Thank you so much for sharing! Just breath taking…. PARADISE!!

  6. Michael Barnes

    I always wonder how the travel vloggers make money to live and travel all the time. Some don't have many subscribers so monetizing can't pay that much for those. How did you start making money once your savings ran out? Just curious. I want to start a YouTube channel but quitting my job is not an option right now.

  7. Panama Marketing

    Hello Le Blanc we are Panama Marketing we relocated from USA 10 Years ago and have been exploring and making contacts we have over 24, 000 our you tube channel has over 38,569 videos of all in panama we can be your contact here in panama my email is 507 6872 4298 whats app my skype is panama-apartment our website is please contact us

  8. Anthony Ausitn

    Remote: somewhere that is less than a day travel away if you miss your flight. You just described almost everywhere in the World

  9. Bill Van Den Ouden

    I've been watching you guys since you were motorhoming and it is so awesome everything you guys have done I live in Las Vegas if you ever need any kind of LED lighting for your boat please email me Billvdo1924 at I own a sign company in Las Vegas and I would be very happy if you needed any kind of LED lights for your boat you guys are awesome you get a great marriage you are my heroes enjoy

  10. addi83

    Typical American: Always expecting anyone to speak English. Start learning Spanish, it´s not that hard! And better ask the locals, if they wanna get filmed.Very disrespectful for foreign cultures…

  11. Angelique R

    What company did you go through to get to the San Blas islands? I am visiting in May and have seen nothing cheaper then about 110 per person. Would love to get a bargain thank you!

  12. Liz Cultures

    liked your shots, I feel more proud of my beautiful Panama now hahaha, thanks for sharing your experience 😀

  13. Carrie Evans Photography

    What island is this? I am trying to find an island thats remote, yet large enough for our comfort. please tell me the name of this island.

  14. Zane M.

    You shouldn’t of stayed at the hotel. Should of did the catamaran trip. They take you to beaches that are totally isolated and have the best snorkeling ever

  15. Aris Gonzalez

    OMG never thought to find me a video of my country. I'm from Panama, I'm very excited! your videos are great!. I'm your follower # 1🙂

  16. Liza Butcher

    Never been to San Blas yet, but would like to.
    In the winter’s, I go to Isla Colon in Bocas Del Toro, another amazingly beautiful archipelago!

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