HUE, VIETNAM – He tried selling us WEED | Travel Vlog Ep. 42

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About this Episode:
We leave the lovely Vietnamese family we’ve been Couchsurfing with in Da Nang, Vietnam and travel to Hue, Vietnam.

Highlights: Fishy water on Steve’s bag, we find a new hostel and a cute Vietnamese girl checks us in, ANOTHER BANANA SUIT, cow penis?!, discovering interesting statues in the park, and a random guy tries selling us weed.

Another eventful day of exploring a new city in Southeast Asia. Vietnam is full on amazing places and we’re just starting our journey.

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Andrew Applepie – Alps

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25 Replies to “HUE, VIETNAM – He tried selling us WEED | Travel Vlog Ep. 42”

  1. Omari Joseph & Misha are so sneaky with that guy in the…never saw that type of roofing in a car before..hahaha…i wonder how tall is Misha..he's a big one dude on the bike,he look like he was up to something..but Misha handled that cool..

  2. Jeremy Daly

    Yooo this was so rad!! Keeping posting, you are on to something here 🙂 Any tips for a first timer you tuber?

  3. spontaneousTV

    Hey Steve we have met at the woodstock hostel you might cant remember me but anyway the funny thing is that i actually remember the guy who just tried to sell yous guys weed because he did the same as i have been to Hue and he totally ripped us of because he swapped the real weed which he showed us first with fukin green tea 😀 😀 😀 exactly the same guy!!!! Good travels mate

  4. Markie Dell

    Dude… when you stop the video, and then show us you googling what something means, it cracks me up every time! And the Nintendo Wii music was a nice touch, haha! Great episode!

  5. livinglifestyle

    I'm Vietnamese right here. Why would you waste your time talking to those guys?? Typical scammers of the country. Next time just say no thanks, and walk straight away please

  6. Marsha Karanasky

    Just found this, this was hysterical! Are you traveling with Pema now? Did you see Tal's haircut?

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