50 Replies to “How To Travel Like A Minimalist: Look Good And Live Well While Packing Less”

  1. Sorelle Amore

    Oh hay there internet fwends. What's poppin?
    So quick rundown – I'm a full time traveler, I live months on end with these items I talk about in the video only. I just weighed my bag at the airport and my 'big' bag is 10kgs.
    But I also don't compromise on style. I don't want to look bad so I've organised my possessions very specifically to ensure I look like a Queen always. Because why not ey? ENJOYYY!
    PS. Would you want to travel this way? Or do you need more?

  2. Asean Nomad

    Great video, but in your description you have a list of the gear you use which is basically 3 cameras, an adapter for the lense, a gorilla pod and a lense yet in your video at 2.07 you only show one camera and one lense on a tripod and no chargers and cords etc for all of this. ….

  3. Angelica Clarke

    I love that you're honest about needing to have more wardrobe changes than just a few mix and matches. It's rad!

  4. Francisca Andanti

    Superb video!! I like you very much just by watching this. This is my first time watching your video. You are lovely to watch and listen. I'm trying to be a minimalist and you inspired me more. Thank you so much, Sorelle!!!!!

  5. Ami Melaine

    I love that you have a gratitude journal. I know you don’t talk about the hippie dippie whatevers too too much, but I really believe my gratitude journal is one of the many positive things that is changing my life for the better. Finding your channel is one of those things! I am so thankful for YOU! 🌱

  6. gabrielafndzdoval

    Ha! I love how you have a workout band you’ve never used also 😆 everyone has one. If you don’t then you need one…trust me.

  7. Péter Winkler

    HUGE THANKS for the additional note on washing!! ❤ 😁That's exactly what I was looking for in the first place! 😊Keep up the great work, cheers! ✨

  8. Sassafrass2000

    Hi! I love your videos and am so inspired by your lifestyle and profession. Thank you for your hard work and artistry! I work with homeless women at a shelter in Seattle, WA. One comment you made in the beginning of the video about not wanting to "look like you're homeless" (I assume meaning unkempt) is a little misguided and comes off as being prejudiced or bias toward poor, low income and displaced people. Just wanted to take a quick second to point out that a lot of homeless people actually dress professionally and have jobs but still are having trouble getting ahead enough financially to afford to move into a home (especially in expensive cities like Seattle where the housing market has dramatically spiked in recent years). It's a stereotype that is perpetuated in media and entertainment so it's an understandable generalization but you strike me as a sensitive person so I though you might be receptive to this feedback. Otherwise, I absolutely love your content, commentary and opinions. Thanks again!

  9. Ultraviolet Morgan

    I'm not really a minimalist but I follow minimalist blogs and you tubers and I am working on bringing less in, and using what I have (which is a lot)

  10. Sophes searching

    I have less Clothes, and no fotogear. But i use little push bags to put my clothing, so I can take out only shirts for example without ruining the bags order. A tiny travel waterfilter, a big bedsheet (yes that shit saves life), a bowl, heating stick to boil water, thermos bottle, drawing stuff. But yeah I do have similar amount of luggage, because of my Saree that was to expensive to get rid of it, and I'm gonna get it safely to europe.

  11. André Lousada, Conductor

    For your hard drives, have a Raid back at one of your family members, or a personal server somewhere!

  12. The Kylie Blog

    OH MY HAT! My husband and I just started working as cruise ship musicians. Packing for a 6 month contract was the HARDEST thing EVER and I packed SO wrong. I am probably going to watch this video over and over because I need to figure out how on earth I'm going to pack for our next contract. Was the worst lugging around two massive pieces of luggage and our equipment. I felt so extra. This video is giving me so much hope! Thank you! xx

  13. Estefany Vicente

    The realization of me watching some of your videos prior to this one and thinking I had already subscribed but I wasn’t. So I just subscribed!

  14. Annie Evie

    Your boyfriend is not better at minimalism that you just by having less stuff. Minimalism is not about having as little as possible, it's about only having things that add value to your life. Having more clothes doesn't make you less minimalist unless those extra clothes aren't adding value to your life, but you said you felt crappy with less clothes so clearly your clothes all add value for you.

  15. Kiki_P. LI

    So true, I started learning to travel w/ backpack since I first did a four-day snow-mountain hiking. Also, I study and stay in different places, so I don’t want to take too much w/ me.

  16. Travel Teez

    Love it! I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love travel )

  17. Katie Shay

    Your style evolution, and whole hearted abandon is inspiring! I went into my wardrobe and confidently donated so many pieces that were just there because I was reluctant to move beyond and embrace my "extraness". Thanks for the great video!

  18. Lorena Tierraseca Blesa

    I just have a question… how do you manage to use the menstrual cup while travelling? I mean, you have to boil it and stuff when youre done with it soooo… ??

  19. Rosa da Fonseca

    Hi Sorelle, thank you for sharing your experiences and videos. I would like to ask you, how do you focus de AF to your face when you are not in front of the camera? I have tried to do it but my face is not sharp. How can I improve it. Thank you for answering. Rosa

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